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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Jan - June 2010 Disclosure Log



Reference No

Date Received

Information Requested
FOI/0910/56 06/01/2010 eProcurement Questionnaire
FOI/0910/57 07/01/2010 Drugs & Therapeutic Committee members
FOI/0910/58 08/01/2010 Homicide Report
FOI/0910/59 14/01/2010 Dept Structures: Procurement, Communications, Estates & Facilites
FOI/0910/60 22/01/2010 IG Team structure
FOI/0910/61 02/02/2010 Policy about safe and therapeutic responses to disturbed behaviour. Para 15.6 of MHA COP
FOI/0910/62 08/02/2010 Prompt Payments
FOI/0910/63 09/02/2010 Request withdrawn
FOI/0910/64 07/02/2010 Financial Information
FOI/0910/65 11/02/2010 Communications between the Trust and Common Purpose including costs
FOI/0910/66 12/02/2010 Public Interest Disclosure Act claims
FOI/0910/67 15/02/2010 Clinical Governance Report 2008-09
Prescribing Formulary 2010
FOI/0910/68 17/02/2010 Collection, Transportation & Disposal of Healthcare Waste
FOI/0910/69 18/02/2010 Internal Transport
FOI/0910/70 19/02/2010 Implementation of NICE guidelines for OCD & BDD.
FOI/0910/71 25/02/2010 ICT annual expenditures, assets, staffing
FOI/0910/72 05/03/2010 Staff earning > £100,000
FOI/0910/73 02/03/2010 Details of Head of Finance, Head of Procurement and Head of IT and IT Managers etc
FOI/0910/74 03/03/2010 IT Software and Data
FOI/0910/75 17/03/2010 Names & contact details of for list of job titles
FOI/0910/76 18/03/2010 Employment Disputes
FOI/0910/77 18/03/2010 Leave, absconsions & escapes from secure mental health units
FOI/0910/78 21/03/2010 Environment, Estates & Facilities - Contact Details
FOI/0910/79 24/03/2010 Compromise Agreements in the last 10 years
FOI/0910/80 23/03/2010 ICT Information
FOI/1011/81 06/04/2010 How this Trust stores and shares personal data
FOI/1011/82 06/04/2010 Board meeting details 07-08 and 08-09
FOI/1011/83 06/04/2010 Recruitment Agencies and Recruitment Policy
FOI/1011.84 09/04/2010 Training of qualified nurses
FOI/1011/85 12/04/2010 Funding of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
FOI/0910/72a 13/04/2010 Staff earning > £100,000
FOI/1011/86 19/04/2010 Guidelines for prescribing of long-acting injectable antipsychotics
FOI/1011/87 20/04/2010 Contractors and Construction Consultancy Services
FOI/1011/88 27/04/2010 Corporate Management and IM&T Structure
FOI/1011/89 30/04/2010 Contractor and contract details
FOI/1011/88a 13/05/2010 IT Training Officers Contact Details
FOI/1011/90 21/05/2010 Public Health/Welfare Funerals paid for by the Trust
FOI/1011/91 25/05/2010 Amount paid to Trade Unions and paid staff time for trade union work in 2008-09 and 2009-2010
FOI/1011/92 01/06/2010 Transport Policy, Travel Plan and/or Sustainable Development Policy
FOI/1011/93 01/06/2010 Bonuses, Expenses, Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship.  Code of Conduct.
FOI/1011/94 11/06/2010 Hospitals, clinics and/or areas covered by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
FOI/1011/95 11/06/2010 Electronic Copy of your Rapid Tranquillisation (medicines) Policy
FOI/1011/96 22/06/2010 Organisational Structures & IT Virtulisation
FOI/1011/97 29/06/2010 Drug & Therapeutic Committee and Prescribing Formulary
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