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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Jan - June 2011 Disclosure Log






Information Requested

FOI/1011/159 06/01/2011 Management of Violence & Aggression directives
FOI/1011/160 12/01/2011 HEFT Consulting attendance at Board Meeting 17/12/09
FOI/1011/161 12/01/2011 IT Department
FOI/1011/162 14/01/2011 Dementia Care
FOI/1011/163 17/01/2011 Details of our PAS System
FOI/1011/164 13/01/2011 Contact Details - IT/Finance/Procurement
FOI/1011/165 24/01/2011 Race and Gender of top three tier of staffing
FOI/1011/166 26/01/2011 SUI's involving <18yr olds
FOI/1011/167 01/02/2011 DNA Rates
FOI/1011/168 22/02/2011 Cost of specialist equipment for obese patients
FOI/1011/169 17/02/2011 IT Structure and contact details
FOI/1011/170 21/02/2011 CAMHS Budget Information etc.
FOI/1011/171 28/02/2011 Consultant contact details
FOI/1011/172 01/03/2011 Estates contracted out
FOI/1011/173 02/03/2011 Patients Self Harming
FOI/1011/174 03/03/2011 Invoices and correspondence between CEO and Common Purpose
FOI/1011/175 08/03/2011 BME Community with a hearing loss
FOI/1011/176 09/03/2011 NHS policies and guidance re: falls in acute inpatient Mental Health setting
FOI/1011/177 09/03/2011 Audits of Rapid Tranquillisation Policy or use of rapid tranquillisation medications
FOI/1011/178 10/03/2011 Prescribing Formulary, associated information
FOI/1011/179 14/03/2011 CLINICOM Contract details
FOI/1011/180 21/03/2011 Provision of non-clinical support services
FOI/1011/181 21/03/2011 ICT Details
FOI/1011/182 21/03/2011 Structure for HR, Learning and Development and Workforce Departments
FOI/1011/183 21/03/2011 The affect of CQUIN on Commissioning
FOI/1112/184 06/04/2011 Contacts
FOI/1112/185 12/04/2011 Doctors and Dentists in Leics
FOI/1112/186 26/04/2011 How much meat LPT uses each year for patients' meals
FOI/1112/187 19/04/2011 Lease Cars
FOI/1112/188 18/04/2011 Union Officials
FOI/1011/174(a) 18/04/2011 Common Purpose Invoice
FOI/1112/189 18/04/2011 Email addresses for Psychiatrists and Psychiatric nurses
FOI/1112/190 20/04/2011 Child Protection Training
FOI/1112/191 03/05/2011 Harm prevention strategies for 'centre of excellence.  Suicides, attempted suicides, investigations, planning, consultation, complaints. Unable to upload due to volume of information.  This may be obtained upon request.
FOI/1112/192 22/03/2011 Healthy Child Programme
FOI/1112/193 04/05/2011 Patient Transport
FOI/1112/194 05/05/11 ECT Treatments
FOI/1112/195 06/05/2011 Taxis and PTS
FOI/1112/196 06/05/2011 Occupied Bed Days
FOI/1112/197 06/05/2011 Learning Disabilities Service
FOI/1112/198 13/05/2011 Government Procurement Cards
FOI/1112/199 18/05/2011 Structures
FOI/1112/200 17/05/2011 Assessment of patients claiming police surveillance
FOI/1112/201 18/05/2011 CQUIN
FOI/1112/202 18/05/2011 Changes proposed at Westgate SEN School
FOI/1112/203 20/05/2011
Staff Leave
FOI/1112/204 24/05/2011 Mixed Sleeping Facilities
FOI/1112/205 25/05/2011 Substance Abuse
FOI/1112/206 26/05/2011 Children's Services - SALT
FOI/1112/207 27/05/2011 Walking co-ordinators - employed to encourage staff healthy lifestyle
FOI/1112/208 28/05/2011 GPC Visa Card Spending
FOI/1112/209 28/05/2011 Trust CRB Checks
FOI/1112/210 01/06/2011 Restraint Statistics
FOI/1112/211 07/06/2011 IT Systems
FOI/1112/212 07/06/2011 HR Recruitment
FOI/1112/213 06/06/2011 Contraceptives in Schools - request transferred to commissioning PCT
FOI/1112/214 09/06/2011 IT Systems, Staff, Expenditure
FOI/1112/215 09/06/2011 Prescribing Formulary
FOI/1112/216 10/06/2011 Request withdrawn
FOI/1112/217 17/06/2011 Children's Services - SALT
FOI/1112/218 20/06/2011 Finance Structure
FOI/1112/219 23/06/2011 Complaints and Suicides
FOI/1112/220 21/06/2011 Inappropriate FOI Request
FOI/1112/221 21/06/2011 Waste Contract - Date of Next Tender
FOI/1112/222 21/06/2011 Names of Psychiatric Department Heads, Doctors with Approved Clinician status/Section 12 approval
FOI/1112/223 21/06/2011 Health Visitor Implementation Strategy - request transferred to commissioning PCT
FOI/1112/224 24/06/2011 Eating Disorders Service figures
FOI/1112/225 25/06/2011 Medicines Management Policy, Risk Assurance Policy, Directors Meeting Minutes, Board Assurance Framework
FOI/1112/226 23/06/2011 Legal costs since 2006
FOI/1112/227 28/06/2011 List of Consultants
FOI/1112/228 17/06/2011 IT Information
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