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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Date Received

Information Requested                       

FOI/1112/311 05/01/2012 Contact details for Head of Information Governance
FOI/1112/312 05/01/2012 Request transferred
FOI/1112/313 09/01/2012 Laundry Services
FOI/1112/314 11/01/2012 Hepatitis - C Documentation
FOI/1112/315 12/01/2012 First Aid Training
FOI/1112/316 13/01/2012 Provision of Lone working devices
FOI/1112/317 18/01/2012 Request withdrawn
FOI/1112/318 18/01/2012 ICT Contracts
FOI/1112/319 25/01/2012 CPA Care co-ordinators and patients
FOI/1112/320 25/01/2012 Patients entering A & E with seizures
FOI/1112/321 26/01/2012 Organisational Chart for Adult Services
FOI/1112/322 28/01/2012 Electronic speech aids provided by this Trust
FOI/1112/323 30/01/2012 Provision of IAPT services
FOI/1112/324 30/01/2012 Request withdrawn
FOI/1112/325A 01/02/2012 Employment data from 2010
FOI/1112/326 06/02/2012 GMC number of Dr J Valanova
FOI/1112/327 07/02/2012 Car Parking Management and Security
FOI/1112/328 08/02/2012 Support Services, Carer Services and Intermediate Care in Health
FOI/1112/329 10/02/2012 QUIPP figures
FOI/1112/330 15/02/2012 HIS Staff Figures
FOI/1112/331 13/02/2012 CAHMS - Waiting Lists
FOI/1112/332 19/02/2012 Vascular Surgery
FOI/1112/333 20/02/2012 IT Systems
FOI/1112/334 21/02/2012 Staff and patient safety
FOI/1112/335 01/03/2012 Patients in secure units
FOI/1112/336 07/03/2012 Agency Staff
FOI/1112/337 05/03/2012 IT Systems
FOI/1112/338 11/03/2012 Mobile Phone Contacts
FOI/1112/339 13/03/2012 Hardware Maintenance and Costs
FOI/1112/340 14/03/2012 Staff engaged in infection control
FOI/1112/341 16/03/2012 HR Policies and procedures, and staff with mental health conditions
FOI/1112/342 29/03/2012 Unit prices for mental health
FOI/1112/343 28/03/2012
ICT contracts
 FOI/1213/344 02/04/2012
Trust Spend on Locum and Agency 
 FOI/1213/345 05/04/2012
 Structure of our IM&T Department
 FOI/1213/346 10/04/2012
 Oursourcing Hard & Soft FM
 FOI/1213/347 12/04/2012
 Telecommunications Contracts
 FOI/1213/348 13/04/2012
 ECT Usage 01/04/10 - 31/03/11
 FOI/1213/349  17/04/2012
 Clinical forms in paper and electronic format
 FOI/1213/350 19/04/2012
 Clinical Homecare Contracts
 FOI/1213/351 20/04/2012
 Interview process in relation to Leicester Royal Infirmary - information not held as not relating to this organisation
 FOI/1213/352 23/04/2012
 FOI/1213/353 23/04/2012
 IT Applications
 FOI/1213/354 27/04/2012
 Child Anorexia
 FOI/1213/355 30/04/2012
 Hard & Soft FM Services
 FOI/1213/356 30/04/2012
 Agency Nursing costs
 FOI/1213/357 30/04/2012
 Agency Medical Spend
 FOI/1213/358 03/05/2012
 Contact Details for Clinical Leads
 FOI/1213/359 07/05/2012
 Genealogy and International Probate Research
FOI/1213/360 08/05/2012
 FOI/1213/361 09/05/2012
 Structures HR and Finance Department
 FOI/1213/362 10/05/2012
 FOI/1213/363 11/05/2012
 Numbers of Psychiatric clinicians
 FOI/1213/364 14/05/2012
 Finance and Staff Statistics
 FOI/1213/365 17/05/2012
 Operational Policies
 FOI/1213/366 24/05/2012
 Staff and IT
 FOI/1213/367 28/05/2012
 IT Systems
 FOI/1213/368 29/05/2012
 FOI/1213/369 06/06/2012
 Expenditure on Locums
 FOI/1213/370 07/06/2012
 Clinical Incidents
 FOI/1213/371 11/06/2012
 IT Systems
 FOI/1213/372 12/06/2012
 Agency Nursing Costs
 FOI/1213/373 20/06/2012
 Agency Social Worker Costs
 FOI/1213/374 19/06/2012
 Appointment Reminder Services/Patient Letter Printing
 FOI/1213/375 25/06/2012
 EMIAS Information
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