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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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FOI/1213/445 07/01/2013 Deceased persons with no known next of kin
FOI/1213/446 07/01/2013 Commissioners contact details
FOI/1213/447 09/01/2013 Ward staffing levels
FOI/1213/448 16/01/2013 IT systems and staff
FOI/1213/449 16/01/2013 Drug Prescriptions
FOI/1213/450 17/01/2013 Electronic Patient Record Systems
FOI/1213/451 22/01/2013 CVs of ANP applicants and tender applications where 5,000 word response required.
FOI/1213/452 22/01/2012 Clinical systems
FOI/1213/453 24/01/2013 Staffing levels at Bradgate Mental Health Unit
FOI/1213/454 01/02/2013 IT Hardware and Software
FOI/1213/455 04/02/2013 Out of Area Treatments
FOI/1213/456 04/02/2013 Private Sector Contracts
FOI/1213/457 04/02/2013 Resusitation Standards
FOI/1213/458 04/02/2013 Learning and Development Lead
FOI/1213/459 05/02/2013 Physical Restraints
FOI/1213/460 07/02/2013 CAJE System
FOI/1213/461 07/02/2013 Junior Doctors working patterns
FOI/1213/462 08/02/2013 Acute Coronary Syndrome Treatment
FOI/1213/463 11/02/2013 Serious Untoward Incidents
FOI/1213/464 11/02/2013 Homicides
FOI/1213/465 11/02/2013 Innovations
FOI/1213/466 14/02/2013 Paediatric Speech and Language Service
FOI/1213/467 14/02/2013 ICT Contract
FOI/1213/468 16/02/2013 Medical Staff Recruitment
FOI/1213/469 18/02/2013 Beds and Staffing
FOI/1213/470 18/02/2013 Senior staff severance pay
FOI/1213/471 22/02/2013 Enteral feeding contract
FOI/1213/472 27/02/2013 Provision of riser recliner chairs
FOI/1213/473 26/02/2013 Complaints procedures and Mental Health policies
FOI/1213/474 01/03/2013 Children's Speech and Language Therapy Services
FOI/1213/475 11/03/2013 Rule 43 Coroners Court
FOI/1213/476 11/03/2013 Francis Report
FOI/1213/477 12/03/2013 Contact details of Leicestershire & Lincolnshire LAT Board Members
FOI/1213/478 12/03/2013 Rule 43 Coroners Report
FOI/1213/479 13/03/2013 Agency Spend
FOI/1213/480 18/03/2013 Perinatal Care
FOI/1213/481 18/03/2013 Agency Spend
FOI/1213/482 20/03/2013 Taser gun use by policy at Bradgate MHU
FOI/1213/483 22/03/2013 Number of Nurses and sponsored nurses
FOI/1213/484 25/03/2013 Outsourcing
FOI/1213/485 25/03/2013 Chaplaincy
FOI/1213/486 25/03/2013 Unfilled positions
FOI/1213/487 25/03/2013 Finance Structure
FOI/1213/488 26/03/2013 Informatic Solutions to the CCGs
FOI/1213/489 27/03/2013 Mobile Phones
FOI/1213/490 28/03/2013 Provision of Estates/Facilities Management
FOI/1213/491 28/03/2013
Numbers of suicides/numbers of patients convicted of murder etc.
FOI/1213/492 28/03/2013 Sexual addiction services and numbers of referrals
FOI/1314/493 05/04/2013 Numbers and income from sponsored clinical posts
FOI/1314/494 02/04/2013 Fixed telecommunications and internet service
FOI/1314/495 02/04/2013 Number of adults with LD/Autism in long stay hospitals
FOI/1314/496 02/04/2013 Digital Dictation Contract
FOI/1314/497 04/04/2013 Public Health Funerals
FOI/1314/498 04/04/2013 Numbers of Chaplains
FOI/1314/499 10/04/2013 Budget for OT's
FOI/1314/500 12/04/2013 Podiatry Service Audit 2010
FOI/1314/501 15/04/2013 Community Nursing Services
FOI/1314/502 15/04/2013 ICT and Electronic Communications
FOI/1314/503 18/04/2013 Pain Service provision
FOI/1314/504 18/04/2013 Patient Meals
FOI/1314/505 18/04/2013 Vehicles
FOI/1314/506 19/04/2013 Mental Health Services
FOI/1314/507 19/04/3013 ICT Spend
FOI/1314/508 23/04/2013 Contacts and Vacancies
FOI/1314/509 16/04/2013 Involvement of Service Users Research Project
FOI/1314/510 01/05/2013 IT
FOI/1314/511 02/05/2013 Cost of Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Beds
FOI/1314/512 02/05/2013 Fees notice issued to requestor  -  21/05/13  -  awaiting response from requestor
FOI/1314/513 10/05/2013 Mental Health Services
FOI/1314/514 14/05/2013 Telephony and IT
FOI//1314/515 15/05/2013 Storage of Data
FOI/1314/516 16/05/2013 Agency spend and use for Registered Mental Health Nurses
FOI/1314/517 21/05/2013 Estates Organisation Chart
FOI/1314/518 22/05/2013 Implementing Section 5(4) of the mental health act policy.  Information sheet explaining the rights of informally admitted mental health patients
FOI/1314/519 25/05/2013 Budget cuts in SALT

Estates organisational structure, vacancies, agency spend

Please see response to 517
07/06/2013 Number of employees excluding doctors
11/06/2013 Job titles, descriptions and remunerations
11/06/2013 Treatment connected with MS and spinal cord injuries
14/06/2013 Finance organisational structure
17/06/2013 Nursing Vacancies and Overseas Recruitment
19/06/2013 Mental Health IT Systems
21/06/2013 Hand hygiene systems
21/06/2013 Appleby In-patient suicides review
21/06/2013 EPR Questionnaire
21/06/2013 Mental Health Service Provision
21/06/2013 OCT - Local Area Network (LAN) Contracts
21/06/2013 Clinical Psychologists
24/06/2013 Clinical Team Integration
25/06/2013 Fixed Telephony, Broadband and WAN contract data
21/06/2013 Charges for Treatment/Services
Please note that the numbering for requests from this point onward will appear in a new format due to all requests for information (not solely Freedom of Information requests) being administered though a different information system.  The disclosure log will therefore not run sequentially.
25/06/2013 Staff Sickness Absence Data
28/06/2013 Numbers of staff employed as part of the Community Care Team and the cost of Community Care Services
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