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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Please note that all requests for information (Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests) are recorded using the same system; therefore the disclosure log may not run sequentially.
FOI/1314/SG884 06/01/2014 Out of area placements
FOI/1314/SG887 07/01/2014 SALT Discharge Policy
FOI/1314/SG898 09/01/2014 CAMHS Inpatients and out of area placements
FOI/1314/SG899 09/01/2014 Crisis Provision
FOI/1314/SG900 10/01/2014 Fixed Telecommunications and Internet Services
FOI/1314/SG901 12/01/2014 Trust Workforce projects and systems
FOI/1314/SG902 10/01/2014 Liverpool Care Pathway
FOI/1314/SG925 14/01/2014 Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks
FOI/1314/SG927 15/01/2014 Endoscopy waiting times
FOI/1314/SG948 19/01/2014 Contracts with charities, social enterprises and the private sector
FOI/1314/SG956 21/01/2014 Tendering process for the provision of Leicester health and social work services: provision of Anti-Dementia medicines and pharmaceutical supplies to Out-patients
FOI/1314/SG967 23/01/2014 Redundancies by staff group
FOI/1314/SG970 23/01/2014 Medical Devices
FOI/1314/SG975 24/01/2014 Speciality and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors in psychiatry
FOI/1314/SG977-980 26/01/2014 Media strategy, external and internal communication strategies, styles and design guidelines, website strategy and social media strategy
FOI/1314/SG981 27/01/2014 Suicides and Homicides
FOI/1314/SG982 27/01/2014 Budget information for psycho-oncology service
FOI/1314/SG983 06/01/2014 Bradgate Mental Health Unit
FOI/1314/SG986 23/01/2014 Mobile phone contracts
FOI/1314/SG989 28/01/2014 Provision and accommodation for children under 18 yrs. old
FOI/1314/SG1002 03/02/2014 Waiting times for mental health treatments
FOI/1314/SG1003 29/01/2014 School Nurse Phone App
FOI/1314/SG1004 03/02/2014 Eating Disorders Service
FOI/1314/SG1005 04/02/2014 Mental Health Service Users by Electoral Ward
FOI/1314/SG1025 06/02/2014 Podiatry referrals and eligibility criteria
FOI/1314/SG1027 07/02/2014 Corporate Service Resources
FOI/1314/SG1028 07/02/2014 Trade Union office accomodation
FOI/1314/SG1035 07/02/2014 Waiting times for talking therapies
FOI/1314/SG1039 10/02/2014 Smoking Cessation programmes
FOI/1314/SG1045 07/02/2014 Nutrition and Dietetics Audits/Survey Results
FOI/1314/SG1051 12/02/2014 Non-emergency patient transport
FOI/1314/SG1052 11/02/2014 African/African Caribbean and South Asian access to services
FOI/1314/SG1070 17/02/2014 ICT Strategy, Structure etc.
FOI/1314/SG1074 17/02/2014 Clinical Staff Suspensions
FOI/1314/SG1080 18/02/2014 Adult ADHD Services
FOI/1314/SG1081 18/02/2014 Staff statistics
FOI/1314/SG1083 19/02/2014 Formulary and Medicines management
FOI/1314/SG1084 19/02/2014 Forensic service provision and out of area placements
FOI/1314/SG1093 21/02/2014 Inpatients who are deaf and provision of sign language interpreters
FOI/1314/SG1095 22/02/2014 Mental health patients who require admission but cannot get a bed
FOI/1314/SG1096 24/02/2014 Agency Staff and Expenditure
FOI/1314/SG1097 24/02/2014 EPR & Document Management Systems
FOI/1314/SG1104 25/02/2014 Absconscions
FOI/1314/SG1105 25/02/2014 Older adult inpatient services
FOI/1314/SG1128 04/03/2014 Dementia Services and Staff Magazines
FOI/1314/SG1130 05/03/2014 Insurance Services Contracts
FOI/1314/SG1150 07/03/2014 Bradgate Mother and Baby Unit
FOI/1314/SG1151 10/03/2014 Contract for printers and MFD's
FOI/1314/SG1153 10/03/2014 Trust properties owned by NHS Property
FOI/1314/SG1154 10/03/2014 Services for Internet Gaming Addiction
FOI/1314/SG1158 11/03/2014 Out of area placements for mental health patients
FOI/1314/SG1159 11/03/2014 COMMS and Marketing Organisational Structure
FOI/1314/SG1167 11/03/2014 Copy discharge policy
FOI/1314/SG1168 12/03/2014 Spend on CAMHS 2010 - 2015
FOI/1314/SG1173 13/03/2014 Strangulation Training and Risk Assessment Tools
FOI/1314/SG1175 13/03/2014 Incidents of Sexual Assault
FOI/1314/SG1179 17/03/2014 Service provision for hard of hearing/deaf young people/children
FOI/1314/SG1193 19/03/2014 Women with BMI over 35 who have had fertility tests
FOI/1314/SG1197 20/03/2014 Information Management and Technology
FOI/1314/SG1199 20/03/2014 Agency workers and SLA's with agencies
FOI/1314/SG1200 20/03/2014 Service Managers in Learning Disabilities Service
FOI/1314/SG1201 21/03/2014 Procurement Organisational Chart
FOI/1314/SG1202 24/03/2014 Eating Disorders Service
FOI/1314/SG1210 24/03/2014 Contact with Home Office
FOI/1314/SG1218 25/03/2014 Eating Disorders Service
FOI/1314/SG1219 28/02/2014 Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Service Operational Policy
FOI/1314/SG1222 26/03/2014 Social Media Policy and Guidelines
FOI/1314/SG1223 28/03/2014 Use of cloud computing
 FOI/1415/SG1232 01/04/2014 Research, innovation and evaluation spend
FOI/1415/SG1233 27/03/2014 Suicides and adverse events
FOI/1415/SG1234 27/03/2014 Window Cleaning Contract
FOI/1415/SG1235 01/04/2014 Asperger's Diagnosis
FOI/1415/SG1237 01/04/2014 Security Contact Details
FOI/1415/SG1242 01/04/2014 IM&T
FOI/1415/SG1250 02/04/2014 Inability to issue Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
FOI/1415/SG1253 04/04/2014 ICD-10 codes and referrals to specific, structured exercise programme
FOI/1414/SG1254 03/04/2014 Organisational Structure
FOI/1415/SG1255 03/04/2014 Equal Opportunity Policy, Data Protection Policy and equal access to goods, facilities and services policies
FOI/1415/SG1257 04/04/2014 Waiting Times
FOI/1415/SG1272 10/04/2014 Applicants and Interview panel for new Director of Finance
FOI/1415/SG1273 10/04/2014 Leicestershire and Rutland Procurement Partnership - turnover and employees
FOI/1415/SG1284 11/04/2014 Car Park Charges
FOI/1415/SG1285 11/04/2014 Funding for Mental Health Services
FOI/1415/SG1287 15/04/2014 Safeguarding Children Policy
FOI/1415/SG1288 15/04/2014 Clinical Systems
FOI/1415/SG1294 17/04/2014 Software Application
FOI/1415/SG1295 17/04/2014 Finance Structure and Recruitment Spend
FOI/1415/SG1296 17/04/2014 e-Tendering Services
FOI/1414/SG1301 22/04/2014 Manned Security Services Tender
FOI/1415/SG1302 23/04/2014 Clinical software and management systems
FOI/1415/SG1303 23/04/2014 Breaches of Data Protection Act
FOI/1415/SG1304 16/04/2014 Request Withdrawn
FOI/1415/SG1323 25/04/2014 Contracts/Complaints regarding company called Danwood
FOI/1415/SG1324 25/04/2014 Facilities for pregnant women
FOI/1415/SG1325 25/04/2014 Qualifications of Trust Board Members
FOI/1415/SG1328 28/04/2014 Number of SAS Grade posts and vacancies
FOI/1415/SG1329 28/04/2014 Agency Nursing
FOI/1415/SG1330 29/04/2014 Mental Health beds, suicides and homicides
FOI/1314/SG1344 30/04/2014 Policy regarding pathological demand avoidance (PDA)
FOI/1414/SG1351 01/05/2014 Management Structure
FOI/1415/SG1352 02/05/2014 Structures and contact names
FOI/1415/SG1355 29/04/2014 Drug treatments by postcode
FOI/1415/SG1357 02/05/2014 Pay protection
FOI/1415/SG1365 06/05/2014 Patient Feedback Handling
FOI/1415/SG1367 07/05/2014 Lease Car Scheme
FOI/1415/SG1378 09/05/2014 Finance and IT Organisational Structure
FOI/1415/SG1379 09/05/2014 Recruitment Agency Spend
FOI/1415/SG1381 11/05/2014 Mental Health Service Provision
FOI/1415/SG1382 12/05/2014 Hinckley & Bosworth Hospital Inpatient Ward
FOI/1415/SG1384 13/05/2014 Car Parking Charges
FOI/1415/SG1386 12/05/2014 Section 106 Monies (Town & Planning Act)
FOI/1415/SG1387 14/05/2014 Eating Disorders Service - Proformas
FOI/1415/SG1391 12/05/2014 CAMHS and prescribed drugs
FOI/1415/SG1411 16/05/2014 Adult and CAMHS Service Provision
FOI/1415/SG1417 20/05/2014 Recruitment of IT agency staff
FOI/1415/SG1421 23/05/2014 Ophthalmology
FOI/1415/SG1422 26/05/2014 'Apps'
FOI/1415/SG1423 26/05/2014 Legal Costs
 FOI/1415/SG1452 30/05/2014 Ophthalmology Services - please refer to FOI/1415/1421
 FOI/1415/SG1464 03/06/2014 District Nurse Information
 FOI/1415/SG1465 03/06/2014 Request referred to Clinical Commissioning Group
 FOI/1415/SG1466 03/06/2014 Individual cost for IM&T system - see also FOI/1314/SG1197
 FOI/1415/SG1496 13/06/2014 IM&T Contracts
 FOI/1415/SG1519 16/06/2014 Trust spend on agency locum doctors
 FOI/1415/SG1523 18/06/2014 Gifts and Hospitality
 FOI/1415/SG1529 19/06/2014 Agency Social Workers
 FOI/1415/SG1530 20/06/2014 Lease Car and TUPE
 FOI/1415/SG1556 24/06/2014 Details of the SIRO
 FOI/1415/SG1566 26/06/2014 Children's Eating Disorders Service
 FOI/1415/SG1568 26/06/2014 IT/IM&T Structure and Agency Staff
 FOI/1415/SG1569 27/06/2014 Mental Health for older persons Day Hospital Services
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