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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Please note that all requests for information (Freedom of Information and Subject Access Request(s) are recorded using the same system; therefore the disclosure log may not run sequentially

FOI/1415/SG2168 05/01/2015 Fleet Management - see also SG543
FOI/1415/SG2186 07/01/2015 IM&T - see also SG1496
FOI/1415/SG2190 08/01/2015 Department of Health Funds
FOI/1415/SG2192 09/01/2015 Cost of Interpreters
FOI/1415/SG2193 09/01/2015 Trust procurement of pre-printed stationery
FOI/1415/SG2196 11/01/2015 In-patient capacity, alternative providers, costs
FOI/1415/SG2204 12/01/2015 NHS Mental Health Treatment
FOI/1415/SG2216 13/01/2015 Tissue Viability
FOI/1415/SG2217 13/01/2015 Pressure Ulcers
FOI/1415/SG2218 14/02/2015 Equipment at hospital sites
FOI/1415/SG2219 14/01/2015 Mental Health statistics North West Leicestershire
FOI/1415/SG2222 14/01/2015 Policies relating to granting leave for mental health in-patients
FOI/1415/SG2223 15/01/2015 Mental health beds and personal injury claims
FOI/1415/SG2224 15/01/2015 Expenditure on Index and Ranking Lists
FOI/1415/SG2225 20/01/2015
Chaplaincy Expenditure
FOI/1415/SG2235 21/01/2015 Providers of food services to the Trust
FOI/1415/SG2248 26/01/2015 Mental health statistics - North West Leicestershire
FOI/1415/SG2249 26/01/2015 ICT Documents
FOI/1415/SG2250 23/01/2015 Mobile phone contracts
FOI/1415/SG2267 30/01/2015 Agency Spend
FOI/1415/SG2268 30/01/2015 Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment
FOI/1415/SG2272A 03/03/2015 Discharge processes for patients
FOI/1415/SG2282 05/02/2015 PR, Communications and Foundation Trust membership & Community Engagement
FOI/1415/SG2283 06/02/2015 ICT Training
FOI/1415/SG2296 09/02/2015 ICT Contract(s) for Server Hardware Maintenance, Server Virtulisation Licence and Maintenance and Storage Arrea Network Maintenance/Support
FOI/1415/SG2297 10/02/2015 Stolen Equipment
FOI/1415/SG2298 10/02/2015 Drug and Alcohol Services
FOI/1415/SG2306 12/02/2015 CAMHS Waiting Times
FOI/1415/SG2307 12/02/2015 Mental Health Funding
FOI/1415/SG2309 13/02/2015 CAMHS Mental Health Funding
FOI/1415/SG2310 13/02/2015 Bank Staff Funding
FOI/1415/SG2318 16/02/2015 Agency Spend
FOI/1415/SG2319 16/02/2015 CAMHS
FOI/1415/SG2328 17/02/2015 Numbers of Psychologists
FOI/1415/SG2329 17/02/2015 Treatment of PTSD patients
FOI/1415/SG2330 18/02/2015 Contact details for Finance and Procurement
FOI/1415/SG2346 20/02/2015 Interpreting and Translation Services
FOI/1415/SG2349 20/02/2015 Consumable Contracts
FOI/1415/SG2350 20/02/2015 VAT Savings
FOI/1415/SG2375 26/02/2015 CAMHS
FOI/1415/SG2382 02/03/2015 Specialist Nurses in neurological conditions
FOI/1415/SG2383 03/03/2015 Numbers of staff employed in 2014/15 occupational therapists, nurses and psychologists
FOI/1415/SG2386 03/03/2015 IAPT Computerised Tools
FOI/1415/SG2387 03/03/2015 Names and contact details of community mental health managers
FOI/1415/SG2388 04/03/2015 Cost of internal investigations
FOI/1415/SG2389 04/03/2015 IT systems in use - linked to SG2058
FOI/1415/SG2402 06/03/2015 Trust spend on agency mental health nurses
FOI/1415/SG2403 06/03/2015 Children exposed to domestic violence and requiring CAMHS support
FOI/1415/SG2408 08/03/2015 Numbers of beds within the Trust
FOI/1415/SG2409 08/03/2015 Interserve contract
FOI/1415/SG2411 08/03/2015 Transfer of staff to Interserve
FOI/1415/SG2414 10/03/2014 Translation services
FOI/1415/SG2418 11/03/2015 DNA rates for Mental Health Services
FOI/1415/SG2436 16/03/2015 S117 Aftercare
FOI/1415/SG2447 18/03/2015 Printers and Copiers Contracts
FOI/1415/SG2454 20/03/2015 Can be provided on request
FOI/1415/SG2455 20/03/2015 Prescribing for Prostate Cancer Drugs
FOI/1415/SG2456 20/03/2015 Public Health Funerals
FOI/1415/SG2474 24/03/2015 Digital Dictation Contract
FOI/1415/SG2482 25/03/2015 Consultant List
FOI/1415/SG2496 27/03/2015 Mental Health Funding
FOI/1415/SG2497 27/03/2015 Use of Mobile Devices
FOI/1415/SG2503 31/03/2015 Finance Structure
FOI/1415/SG2504 31/03/2015 Staff absence relating to stress, depression, anxiety or other mental illness.
FOI/1415/SG2506 31/03/2015 Finance Structure
FOI/1516/SG2514 01/04/2015 Children with Autism
FOI/1516/SG2515 01/04/2015 Agency spend on jurses and locum doctors
FOI/1516/SG2521 07/04/2015 Staff time lost to mental health/stress related illness
FOI/1516/SG2526 08/04/2015 Trust Expenditure
FOI/1516/SG2531 10/04/2015 Trust Expenditure
FOI/1516/SG2532 10/04/2015 IT
FOI/1516/SG2534 13/04/2015 Agency Numbers and Agency Costs
FOI/1516/SG2539 14/04/2015 Suicides
FOI/1516/SG2540 15/04/2015 Unoccupied beds
FOI/1516/SG2541 15/04/2015 Overpayments
FOI/1516/SG2542 15/04/2015 Structure Charts
FOI/1516/SG2561 20/04/2015 Senior management structures
FOI/1516/SG2562 20/04/2015 Car Parking Charges FOI Responses
FOI/1516/SG2571 22/04/2015 Structures and contact details
FOI/1516/SG2572 23/04/2015 CAMHS and referral pathways
FOI/1516/SG2573 23/04/2015 IM&T/ICT/HIS Department
FOI/1516/SG2585 27/04/2015 Off Payroll Workers
FOI/1516/SG2597 28/04/2015 Under 18's in Adult Wards - see also SG2604 and SG2610
FOI/1516/SG2599 28/04/2015 Drugs lost/stolen
FOI/1516/SG2601 29/04/2015 Communications
FOI/1516/SG2603 29/04/2015 Contracts
FOI/1516/SG2604 29/04/2015 Under 18's for out of area treatment - see also SG2597 and SG2610
FOI/1415/SG2608 30/04/2015 Gas and Electricity Contracts
FOI/1516/SG2609 30/04/2015 Treatment of Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration
FOI/1516/SG2610 01/05/2015 CAMHS patients treated on Adult Mental Health Wards
FOI/1516/SG2616 02/05/2015 Frequency of admission to mental health inpatient ward
FOI/1516/SG2618 05/05/2015 ICT
FOI/1516/SG2623 06/05/2015 Mental Health Patients Suicides
FOI/1516/SG2625 11/05/2015 Abortions performed under section 1(1)(d) (or Ground E) of the Abortion Act 1967
FOI/1516/SG2630 11/05/2015 Organisation's Fleet
FOI/1516/SG2649 15/05/2015 Out of area placements for inpatient treatment
FOI/1516/SG2650 18/05/2015 Inpatient Service for patients detained/remanded under Section 35 and Section 36 MHA
FOI/1516/SG2652 18/05/2015 Staff concerns and absences
FOR/1516/SG2661 19/05/2015 Bed availability
FOI/1516/SG2662 19/05/2015 Community Hospitals Contract
FOI/1516/SG2666 20/05/2015 Living Wage
FOI/1516/SG2667 20/05/2015 Estates and Facilities Structure
FOI/1516/SG2677 26/05/2015 Bandings and Race of Staff Employed
FOI/1516/SG2684 27/05/2015 Spend on Allied Health Professionals
Turnaround targets for clinical correspondence
FOI/1516/SG2705 02/06/2015 Health visits and health surveillance
FOI/1516/SG2707 02/06/2015 Absence due to musculoskeletal conditions
FOI/1516/SG2708 02/06/2015 Locations and costs of computer room/data centre
FOI/1516/SG2715 03/06/2015 Trust analysis, reporting and data quality practices
FOI/1516/SG2722A 05/06/2015 Trust spend on contract and agency staff
FOI/1516/SG2728 08/06/2015 Contractual information regarding primary contract relating to support services around help/service desk, desktop support and network support
FOI/1516/SG2729 09/06/2015 MFD and Printer Contracts
FOI/1516/SG2730 09/06/2015 IT
FOI/1516/SG2736 10/06/2015 Spend on temporary mental health staff
FOI/1516/SG2737 10/06/2015 Numbers of temporary mental health staff working on an agency basis at time of request - by specialism
FOI/1516/SG2744 11/06/2015 Organisational structure charts
FOI/1516/SG2745 12/06/2015 Better Care Together Programme
FOI/1516/SG2749 10/06/2015 Ward/department employee numbers within the Trust
FOI/1516/SG2750 15/06/2015 Trust staff currently employed excluding bank staff
FOI/1516/SG2753 15/06/2015 Spend on temporary theatre staff
FOI/1516/SG2758 16/06/2015 Severance payments which have been part of compromise agreements
FOI/1516/SG2764 16/06/2015 Anaesthesia products dispensed during 2013/14
FOI/1516/SG2772 12/06/2015 FYI Payments during shadowing period
FOI/1516/SG2775 16/06/2015 CAMHS services provided
FOI/1516/SG2781 23/06/2015 Ashby Hospital
FOI/1516/SG2785 25/06/2015 Eating Disorders
FOI/1516/SG2786 25/06/2015 Lead Mental Health Commissioner
FOI/1516/SG2789 29/06/2015 Bullying and Harassment Policy
FOI/1516/SG2790 29/06/2015 Catering costs for internal meetings
FOI/1516/SG2807 30/06/2015 Staff Salary Grades - Upper and Lower limits
FOI/1516/SG2808 30/06/2015 Trust spend on stationery
FOI/1516/SG2809 30/06/2015 Laptops, Mobile phones and Tablets/iPads
FOI/1516/SG2810 30/06/2015 FOI Requests
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