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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Please note that all requests for information (Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests) are recorded using the same system; therefore the disclosure log may not run sequentially.
FOI/1415/SG1581 02/07/2014 Plans implemented to combat inactivity in obese children, young adults and adults with learning disabilities
FOI/1415/SG1588 04/07/2014 Finance Division Structure and further details
FOI/1415/SG1589 04/07/2014 Vacancies & recruitment to Board level executive posts
FOI/1415/SG1598 08/07/2014 Agency Nursing
FOI/1415/SG1606 11/07/2014 5 year strategic report to Monitor
FOI/1415/SG1613 14/07/2014 IM&T
FOI/1415/SG1620 15/07/2014 Nursery Management Software
FOI/1415/SG1621 16/07/2014 Paperless or Paperlite NHS
FOI/1415/SG1626 17/07/2014 IM&T (see also SG1254)
FOI/1415/SG1631 23/07/2014 Locum/agency staff in Pharmacy
FOI/1415/SG1642 24/07/2014 HP Hardware Support
FOI/1415/SG1645 26/07/2014 Access for children to wheelchairs through LHA schemes
FOI/1415/SG1652 28/07/2014 Finance Personnel and related information
FOI/1415/SG1654 30/07/2014 Prescribing of new oral anti-coagulants
FOI/1415/SG1666 04/08/2014 Agency spend on occupational therapy services
FOI/1415/SG1681 11/08/2014 Pathological Demand Avoidance
FOI/1415/SG1700 12/08/2014 Older Persons nurses and OT's
FOI/1415/SG1703 15/08/2014 IT Servers
FOI/1415/SG1715 20/08/2014 EPR and NPfIT
FOI/1415/SG1725 21/08/2014 Mobile phone contract
FOI/1415/SG1726 21/08/2014 IM&T Strategy and laptop spend
FOI/1415/SG1735 22/08/2014 Statutory Compliance factors and the associated financial penalties included in the Interserve contract
FOI/1415/SG1740 27/08/2014 Amount paid to the Confederation of British Industry and its subsidiaries
FOI/1415/SG1741 28/08/2014 Market Harborough Hospital
FOI/1415/SG1742 28/08/2014 MHA statistics and team structure
FOI/1415/SG1743 28/08/2014 Mental Health Bed Occupancy
FOI/1415/SG1744 28/08/2014 Ashby Hospital
FOI/1415/SG1767 08/09/2014 Spend within Specialist Eating Disorder Service
FOI/1415/SG1768 08/09/2014 Compulsory Purchase Orders
FOI/14/15/SG1801 12/09/2014 Employee Remuneration
FOI/1415/SG1802 15/09/2014 Staff training and development support
FOI/1415/SG1803 08/09/2014 ADHD
FOI/1415/SG1811 12/09/2014 Learning Disabilities children and young people Body Mass Index
FOI/1415/SG1812 17/09/2014 Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
FOI/1415/SG1821 18/09/2014 Temporary (agency) Allied Health Professionals
FOI/1415/SG1837 25/09/2014 Record Keeping
FOI/1415/SG1844 28/09/2014 Unaccredited counsellors and psychotherapists
FOI/1415/SG1855 01/10/2014 See FOI/1415/SG1803
FOI/1415/SG1857 01/10/2014 Names of clinical coders
FOI/1415/SG1859 02/10/2014 Staff resources committed to working with those serving probation orders - see also SG547
FOI/1415/SG1870 07/10/2014 Sickness Absence
FOI/1415/SG1876 08/10/2014 Occupational Therapy Staffing
FOI/1415/SG1878 09/10/2014 Missing patients
FOI/1415/SG1879 09/10/2014 CCG's/List of Suppliers/Funeral Directors
FOI/1415/SG1905 14/10/2014 CCG Allocation
FOI/1415/SG1924 16/10/2014  See SG1735 - all correspondence 
FOI/1415/SG1925 20/10/2014 IT Infrastructure
FOI/1415/SG1926 20/10/2014 CCTV on mental health wards
FOI/1415/SG1937 23/10/2014 ICT Data and Voice
24/10/2014 Trust Structures
FOI/1415/SG1941 24/10/2014 Hospital Patient Transport (non emergency)
FOI/1415/SG1951 28/10/2014 Mental Health Performance
FOI/1415/SG1953 28/10/2014 Agency Nursing
FOI/1415/SG1954 28/10/2014 Use of ECT in the Trust
FOI/1415/SG1958 30/10/2014 Contact details of managers
FOI/1415/SG1968 31/10/2014 Data Quality
CAMHS Addresses
FOI/1415/SG1995 06/11/2014 Eating Disorders Services
FOI/1415/SG1998 07/11/2014 Financial Accounting Software: E Oracle Business Suite
FOI/1415/SG2006 07/11/2014 Out of Area AMH Placement
FOI/1415/SG2008 11/11/2014 Budget and Staff number 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16
FOI/1415/SG2013 12/11/2014 IT Contracts
FOI/1415/SG2014 12/11/2014 Crisis resolution and home treatment teams and acute mental health wards, and also same sex accomodation in mental health wards
FOI/1415/SG2016 13/11/2014 Business Intelligence Platforms (systems)
FOI/1415/SG2025 13/11/2014 Obesity in Pregnancy
FOI/1415/SG2037 14/11/2014 Pest controllers called out 2009-2014
FOI/1415/SG2040 17/11/2014 Diagnoses of Schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions
FOI/1415/SG2047 17/11/2014 Agency Staffing
FOI/1415/SG2048 19/11/2014 Auto enrolment of pensions
FOI/1415/SG2049 19/11/2014 The usage of certain types of bone grafts, meamostats and sealants, relating to their use in any surgical procedure
FOI/1415/SG2051 20/11/2014 Employment of Physicians Assistant in anaesthesia
FOI/1415/SG2055 12/11/2014 Trust Board minutes - confidential section
FOI/1415/SG2058 24/11/2014 Specified clinical information software systems and coding standards used in mental health
FOI/1415/SG2065 26/11/2015 Earnings - see also SG1801
FOI/1415/SG2066 26/11/2014 IT and Financial Information
FOI/1415/SG2068 26/11/2014 Drug and Alcohol Services
FOI/1415/SG2085 02/12/2014 ICT Contract (s) for Server Hardware Maintenance
FOI/1415/SG2090 01/12/2014 Translation of Patient information
FOI/1415/SG2091 01/12/2014 Waiting times and private hospital beds
FOI/1415/SG2092 01/12/2014 Resourcing AMH acute services
FOI/1415/SG2093 04/12/2014 Antidepressants for under 16yr olds
FOI/1415/SG2097 05/12/2014 Crisis Services
FOI/1415/SG2100 08/12/2014 Computerised mental health therapies for older adults
FOI/1415/SG2101 09/12/2014 Car Parking Charges
FOI/1415/SG2111 12/12/2014 Employment Contract
FOI/1415/SG2113 15/12/2014 Service Provision
FOI/1415/SG2123 16/12/2014 Multi-Disciplinary Teams
FOI/1415/SG2126 12/12/2014 Reports and notes from meetings re: reprovision of Oakham House, CAMHS
FOI/1415/SG2127 17/12/2014 Staff Information
FOI/1415/SG2129 18/12/2014 Trust spend on COMMS
FOI/1415/SG2130 18/12/2014 Chaplaincy
FOI/1415/SG2137 19/12/2014 Benchmarking Tools
FOI/1415/SG2143 23/12/2014 Epilepsey prescribing
FOI/1415/SG2148 23/12/2014 Departmental Structures
FOI/1415/SG2159 05/12/2014 Information re: Registered Nurse
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