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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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July - December 2011 Disclosure Log






Information Requested

FOI/1112/229 01/07/2011 Numbers of CTO Patients
FOI/1112/230 02/07/2011 Number of inpatient beds and damage to buildings caused by patients
FOI/1112/231 07/07/2011 Inappropriate FOI Request
FOI/1112/232 08/07/2011 Domestically produced food for patient catering
FOI/1112/233 11/07/2011 IT Systems and Technology
FOI/1112/234 17/07/2011 Incidents
FOI/1112/235 13/07/2011 Commissioning of Abortions and number of terminations undertaken in 2010 - request transferred to PCT commissioners
FOI/1112/236 18/07/2011 Contract information regarding collection, transportation and destruction of x-rays
FOI/1112/237 22/07/2011 Non-attendance for medical application IT training
FOI/1112/238 25/07/2011 Breaches of DPA
FOI/1112/239 25/07/2011 Incidents - please refer to FOI/1112/234
FOI/1112/240 28/07/2011 Mental Health patients that have absconded
FOI/1112/241 29/07/2011 Contact details and contract information re: Patient Experience Service Improvement
FOI/1112/242 02/08/2011 Funding and staff time given to trade unions
FOI/1112/243 10/08/2011 Transferred to provider of our pathology service
FOI/1112/244 11/08/2011 Bookstart pack & Health Reviews
FOI/1112/245 16/08/2011 Disposal and recording of hospital medical records
FOI/1112/246 17/08/2011 District Nurses with prescribing qualifications
FOI/1112/247 18/08/2011 IG Structure and Resources
FOI/1112/248 19/08/2011 Duplicate request - please refer to FOI/1112/241
FOI/1112/249 20/08/2011 Re-directed to University Hospitals of Leicester FOI
FOI/1112/250 22/08/2011 Suicides in the last five years
FOI/1112/251 23/08/2011 Agency Spend on nurses, HCAs, allied health professionals, pharmacy staff and doctors
FOI/1112/252 24/08/2011 Children under the age of 5 referred to mental health services since 2001
FOI/1112/253 31/08/2011 Physyiotherapy services available to people with Rheumatoid Arthritis
FOI/1112/254 31/08/2011 Inappropriate FOI
FOI/1112/255 01/09/2011 The links between domestic violence, mental ill-health and drug and alcohol problems
FOI/1112/256 01/09/2011 IT systems and organisational chart
FOI/1112/257 05/09/2011 Audiology Services
FOI/1112/258 05/09/2011 Proposals to secure increased levels of private sector income
FOI/1112/259 07/09/2011 CQUIN data
FOI/1112/260 09/09/2011 Inappropriate FOI
FOI/1112/261 09/09/2011 Use of Recruitment Agencies
FOI/1112/262 19/09/2011 Mobile Telephony
FOI/1112/263 19/09/2011 Request Withdrawn
FOI/1112/264 19/09/2011 Trust Expenditure
FOI/1112/265 14/09/2011 Flexible/Mobile Working
FOI/1112/266 20/09/2011 Services for Vulnerable People
FOI/1112/267 20/09/2011 Agency spend on A & C, AHP/HSS, Locums and Nurses
FOI/1112/268 26/09/2011 Request Withdrawn
FOI/1112/269 27/09/2011 Sale of Property
FOI/1112/270 26/09/2011 Complaint Report
FOI/1112/271 27/09/2011 Document Scanning and Storage
FOI/1112/272 28/09/2011 ICT Contracts
FOI/1112/273 29/09/2011 Audit, Training and Policies on NICE Guidance
FOI/1112/274 21/09/2011 Request Withdrawn
FOI/1112/275 07/10/2011 Non-emergency patient transport
FOI/1112/276 09/10/2011 Number of Toxocariasis cases treated in each of the years 2005 - 2010
FOI/1112/277 10/10/2011 Organisation Structure
FOI/1112/278 12/10/2011 IT and Information Contacts
FOI/1112/279 12/10/2011 Strategy for HR and Workforce Development and training requirements for 2011-12 and beyond
FOI/1112/280 13/10/2011 ICT
FOI/1112/281 18/10/11
Maximum/minimum waiting times for adults and children accessing mental health services
FOI/1112/282 18/10/2011 Recycling of waste electronic/electrical equipment
FOI/1112/283 25/10/2011
Policies regarding self harm and observation in
In-patient services
FOI/1112/284 25/10/2011 Contacts
FOI/1112/285 26/10/2011 Finance Structure
FOI/1112/286 26/10/2011 Contacts
FOI/1112/287 27/10/2011 Staff sickness absence rate and completed appraisal date
FOI/1112/288 02/11/2011 Parking, security and procurement arrangements
FOI/1112/289 04/11/2011 Communication
FOI/1112/290 09/11/2011 Finance Structure
FOI/1112/291 10/11/2011 Workforce/OD Strategy
FOI/1112/292 11/11/2011 Missing Patients
FOI/1112/293 14/11/2011 Bed Spaces
FOI/1112/294 15/11/2011 Agency Staff Arrangements
FOI/1112/295 07/11/2011 Inpatients and Discharged Patients
FOI/1112/296 15/11/2011 Employees and Childcare Vouchers
FOI/1112/297 15/11/2011 Compromise agreement
FOI/1112/298 01/11/2011 Fundamental Beliefs Questionnaire
FOI/1112/299 25/10/2011 Request withdrawn
FOI/1112/300 21/11/2011 Anti-depressant medication
FOI/1112/301 22/11/2011 Contact Details
FOI/1112/302 22/11/2011 Eating Disorders Service figures
FOI/1112/303 23/11/2011 Children with Bipolar Affective Disorder and prescribed medication
FOI/11/12/304 02/12/2011 Processing records by LRI
FOI/1112/305 05/12/2011 Waiting times in CBT
FOI/1112/306 08/12/2011 Commissioning and PBR
FOI/1112/307 12/12/2011 Alternative Therapies for people with arthritis
FOI/1112/308 13/12/2011 Contact Details
FOI/1112/309 14/12/2011 Commissioned services
FOI/1112/310 29/12/2011 Clinical Excellence Awards 2012 applications
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