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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Information Requested                       

FOI/1213/376 03/07/2012 ADHD Information
FOI/1213/377 11/07/2012 Camhs
FOI/1213/378 12/07/2012 Supplies sourced
FOI/1213/379 17/07/2012 Organisational Structures
FOI/1213/380 18/07/2012 Incidents
FOI/1213/381 17/07/2012 Staffing Levels
FOI/1213/382 18/07/2012 Trade Union Business
FOI/1213/383 19/07/2012 Trust Business Plan
FOI/1213/384 23/07/2012 Agency Costs
FOI/1213/385 25/07/2012 Software
FOI/1213/386 30/07/2012 UN Convention for Human Rights
FOI/1213/387 27/07/2012 Tenders
FOI/1213/388 31/07/2012 ICT and Telecommunications
FOI/1213/389 01/08/2012 Finance Structure
FOI/1213/390 03/08/2012 Cost of agency staffing
FOI/1213/391 14/08/2012 Contractor for patient experience data collection
FOI/1213/392 14/08/2012 Crisis Care
FOI/1213/393 15/08/2012 Printing contracts
FOI/1213/394 07/08/2012 Restructuring of Leicestershire Psycho-Oncology Service
FOI/1213/395 17/08/2012 Specialist support to victims of domestic and sexual violence


This also contains information for FOI/1213/397 and 398 as an aggregated response

Health Visitor caseload numbers of children 2006 - 2011, Numbers of Health Visitors at various grades 2006 - 2011

Numbers of specialist Health Visitors Grade 7 working in specified areas 2006 - 2012
Number of children under age of 5 under care of Health Visitors 2006 - 2011 with specified criteria
FOI/1213/399 22/08/2012 Incontinence Products
FOI/1213/400 01/08/2012 Please contact to request
FOI/1213/401 30/08/2012 Child Protection
FOI/1213/402 31/08/2012 ICT Budget and Strategy
FOI/1213/403 28/08/2012 Families, Young People and Children's EIA, SEN Criteria for Assessment, Commissioning SLA and Director's contact details
FOI/1213/403a 09/10/2012 Please contact to request
FOI/1213/404 15/08/2012 Please contact to request
FOI/1213/405 07/09/2012 Schizophrenia Treatment
FOI/1213/406 07/09/2012 Information Team Structure
FOI/1213/407 10/09/2012 Equality of staff groups
FOI/1213/408 10/09/2012
Lone Workers
FOI/1213/409 10/09/2012
AHP Spend
FOI/1213/410 10/09/2012
Doctor Spend
FOI/1213/411 18/09/2012
Organisational Structures
FOI/1213/412 17/09/2012
Charitable Trust and donations
FOI/1213/413 21/09/2012
Telecare Service
FOI/1213/414 21/09/2012
Ward sisters that are supernumerary/supervisory
FOI/1213/415 28/09/2012
Disposal of IT equipment
 FOI/1212/416 02/10/2012
Agency Locums Spend
 FOI/1213/417 04/10/2012
Consultants PAs
 FOI/1213/418 05/10/2012
Deceased and Next of Kin
 FOI/1213/419 10/10/2012
Agency Spend
FOI/1213/420 09/10/2012
Surgical Procedures
FOI/1213/412a 12/10/2012
Charitable Trust and donations
FOI/1213/421 15/10/2012
HR Structure 
FOI/1213/422 17/10/2012
 Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Figures 2011
FOI/1213/423 19/09/2012
Figures for male and female patients moved out of county
FOI/1213/424 02/11/2012
Agency spend on Locum Doctors in Mental Health 2011/12
FOI/1213/412b 02/11/2012
Who tendered for work at Rutland Memorial Hospital
FOI/1213/425 05/11/2012
Number of complaints against Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)
FOI/1213/426 07/11/2012
Patient experience feedback work and contracts in place within the Trust
FOI/1213/427 06/11/2012
Court cases against LPT involving equality and diversity
FOI/1213/428 09/11/2012
Number of employees by ethnicity etc. in 2012 and 2010
FOI/1213/429 09/11/2012
Project plan to migrate to Windows 7
FOI/1213/430 12/11/2012
How many Foundation Yr 1 and 2 employed by the Trust
FOI/1213/431 12/11/2012
Drug Prescriptions 
FOI/1213/432 12/11/2012
Occupational Health Services
Physiotherapy Services
Sickness Absence
FOI/1213/433 12/11/2012
 Tender for provision of a medical inpatient service
FOI/1213/434 20/11/2012
Contract relating to photocopiers, multifunctional devices and desktop printers
FOI/1213/435 26/11/2012
Mobile phones, iPads, land-based telecommunications and internet service provider
FOI/1213/436 26/11/2012
Deceased persons with no known next of kin
FOI/1213/437 27/11/2012
Trust agency spend (£) for Locum Nursing, AHP/HSS and medical locums (Psych) recruited via recruitment agencies from 2010 - 2011 and 2011 - 2012
FOI/1213/438 28/11/2012
HR Contact details
FOI/1213/392a 28/11/2012
Crisis Care
FOI/1213/439 06/12/2012
Violence and Aggression policies
FOI/1213/440 09/12/2012
Physical Health Care Policy
FOI/1213/441 12/12/2012
Prescribing formulary
FOI/1213/442 17/12/2012
IM&T Department
FOI/1213/443 21/12/2012
Prof Louis Appleby's Report
FOI/1213/444 27/12/2012
Work Experience Policy and Information
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