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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Please note that the numbering for requests from this point onward will appear in a new format due to all requests for information (not solely Freedom of Information requests) being administered though a different information system.  The disclosure log will therefore not run sequentially.
FOI/1314/SG250 01/07/2013 Contract Details
FOI/1314/SG259 01/07/2013 Staff Requirements
FOI/1314/SG263 04/07/2013 Number of people in Leicester with mental health problems
FOI/1314/SG277 05/07/2013 In-patient beds
FOI/1314/SG278 05/07/2013 Equal pay claims
FOI/1314/SG279 05/07/2013 Spend on talking therapies
FOI/1314/SG291 12/07/2013 Freedom of Information requests that relate to Learning and Development
FOI/1314/SG293 12/07/2013 Contract Details
FOI/1314/SG303 08/07/2013 Request transferred
FOI/1314/SG304 12/07/2013 Whistle blowing and grievance procedures
FOI/1314/SG308 15/07/2013 Trust spend on agency workers and service level agreements with agencies
FOI/1314/SG314 15/07/2013 Trust employing people with mental health problems and dealing with stress and mental health problems for staff
FOI/1314/SG331 23/07/2013 Patients with asthma
FOI/1314/SG332 24/07/2013 External consultants used by LPT
FOI/1314/SG333 24/07/2013 Organisational structure charts
FOI/1314/SG334 25/07/2013 Trust catering costs for patients
FOI/1314/SG335 24/07/2013 Figures for the new referrals of district nurses to SHRC, together with skill mix and hours worked
FOI/1314/SG345 29/07/2013 Trade Unions
FOI/1314/SG346 29/07/2013 Records Management
FOI/1314/SG348 25/07/2013 Provision of care back to the community - request transferred
FOI/1314/SG352 31/07/2013 Agency spend
FOI/1314/SG355 01/08/2013 Recruitment agencies used and spend
FOI/1314/SG362 01/08/2013 Medical physics/radiation protection
FOR/1314/SG364 01/08/2013 Information not held
FOI/1314/SG374 06/08/2013 Information not held
FOI/1314/SG375 06/08/3013 ECT
FOI/1314/SG386 07/08/2013 Information Sharing
FOI/1314/SG396 07/08/2013 Information not held
FOI/1314/SG397 12/08/2013 Organisation structures
FOI/1314/SG398 12/08/2013 Staff engaged in podiatry services
FOI/1314/SG399 12/08/2013 Contact details for Head of IM&T and structure chart
FOI/1314/SG401 13/08/2013 Procurement
FOI/1314/SG402 13/08/2013 Consultant posts
FOI/1314/SG404 14/08/2013 Staff referrals to occupational health for obesity
FOI/1314/SG406 15/08/2013 In-patient beds
FOI/1314/SG407 15/08/2013 IT Spend
FOI/1314/SG408 16/08/2013 Contractors
FOI/1314/SG412 19/08/2013 Attacks against staff
FOI/1314/SG413 19/08/2013 Wi-Fi Contracts
FOI/1314/SG425 21/08/2013 Locum Doctors
FOI/1314/SG426 21/08/2013 Dementia Services
FOI/1314/SG430 22/08/2013 Mental Health Beds
FOI/1314/SG431 23/08/2013 Overpayments to staff
FOI/1314/SG432 23/08/2013 Information not held
FOI/1314/SG437 27/08/2013 IT Data
FOI/1314/SG450 27/08/2013 Spend on locum staff
FOI/1314/SG452 27/08/2013 Locum doctors through agencies
FOI/1314/SG461 29/08/2013 Human Resource Organisation Chart
FOI/1314/SG479 04/09/2013 Medium Secure Unit
FOI/1314/SG496 09/09/2013 Agency Spend
FOI/1314/SG497 05/09/2013 On Request Only
FOI/1314/SG509 12/09/2013 HR Structures
FOI/1314/SG511 12/09/2013 IT
FOI/1314/SG515 16/09/2013 Recrutitment and agency spend
FOI/1314/SG517 05/09/2013 Request exempt from disclosure
FOI/1313/SG525 18/09/2013 Wound Care
FOI/1314/SG526 13/09/2013 Observation Policy
FOI/1314/SG527 19/09/2013 Psycho-oncology costs
FOI/1314/SG543 20/09/2013 Fleet Management
FOI/1314/SG545 23/09/2013 Sickness absence
FOI/1314/SG547 24/09/2013 Staff engaged in working with individuals serving a probation order
FOI/1314/SG552 24/09/2013 Schizophrenia patients
FOI/1314/SG562 25/09/2013 SMS Text Messaging and DNA's
EIR/1314/SG564 30/09/2013 Recycling, waste support and maintenance contracts
FOI/1314/573 03/10/2013 Interventions through IAPT
FOI/1314/574 03/10/2013 IM&T
FOI/1314/SG588 04/10/2013 Agency Spend on Pharmacy Staff
FOI/1314/SG590 04/10/2013 ICT
FOI/1314/SG593 02/10/2013 Mental Health Beds
FOI/1314/SG607 08/10/2013 Inpatients in Ashby Hospital
FOI/1314/SG608 08/10/2013 CoINS
FOI/1314/SG611 07/10/2013 Local Counter Fraud Specialist
FOI/1314/SG612 10/10/2013 Supported employment staff
FOI/1314/SG615 09/10/2013 Copy of information available on request
FOI/1314/SG616 11/10/2013 MHA detentions requiring Police support
FOI/1314/SG618 11/10/2013 In-patient mental health treatment
FOI/1314/SG638 15/10/2013 Agency Staff
FOI/1314/SG648 15/10/2013 Health for All Children (Hall 4)
FOI/1314/SG658 23/10/2013 Speech therapy for people who stammer
FOI/1314/SG662 24/10/2013 Fees chargeable for Subject Access Requests
FOI/1314/SG663 24/10/2013 Mental Health budget and staffing
FOI/1314/SG664 24/10/2013 Budgets and staff
FOI/1314/SG667 25/10/2013 District Nurses
FOI/1314/SG668 25/10/2013 Treatment Orders
FOI/1314/SG683 28/10/2013 Contracts for Patient Transport
FOI/1314/SG684 29/10/2013 IT Security Areas
FOI/1314/SG687 30/10/2013 Misconduct by Doctors
FOI/1314/SG688 01/11/2013 Request Withdrawn
FOI/1314/SG700 05/11/2013 Request Withdrawn
FOI/1314/SG702 03/11/2013 Agency Expenditure
FOI/1314/SG711 06/11/2013 CAMHS Closure
FOI/1314/SG712 07/11/2013 Estates Strategy Plan
FOI/1314/SG713 01/11/2013 Drugs for Schizophrenia
FOI/1314/SG715 18/11/2013 Rio Tendering Process
FOI/1314/SG727 11/11/2013 Request Withdrawn
FOI/1314/SG750 18/11/2013 Services for deaf people
FOI/1314/SG752 18/11/2013 ICT Contracts
FOI/1314/SG756 21/1120/13 Agency/locum spend
FOI/1314/SG761 25/11/2013 IT/ICT/Information Systems Structure
FOI/1314/SG763 25/11/2013 Spend on outsourcing radiology
FOI/1314/SG764 25/11/2013 Side effects of anti-depressants
FOI/1314/SG774 27/11/2013 Purchase of medical consumables
FOI/1314/SG775 28/11/2013 Adults with OCD
FOI/1314/SG778 29/11/2013 Staff receiving flu inoculations
FOI/1314/SG779 29/11/2013 DNA Rates and SMS text reminder service
FOI/1314/SG798 03/12/2013 Serious Incidents
FOI/1314/SG805 21/11/2013 SLA for eligibility for Speech and Language Therapy Services
FOI/1314/SG810 05/12/2013 IM&T Strategy
FOI/1314/SG811 05/12/2013 Homicide Statistics
FOI/1314/SG833 09/12/2013 Medical Centre income form 0845 line
FOI/1314/SG834 09/12/2013 Advertising on billboard hoardings
FOI/1314/SG835 09/12/2013 Diagnosis and medication for dementia
FOI/1314/SG841 13/13/2013 Waiting times at A & E Departments
FOI/1314/SG852 20/12/2013 Departmental Structures
FOI/1314/SG856 23/12/2013 Annual Report
FOI/1314/SG860 24/12/2013 Staff Sickness
FOI/1314/SG862 16/12/2013 Cardiac Interventions
FOI/1314/SG863 24/12/2013 Equality
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