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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Please note that all requests for information (Freedom of Information and Subject Access Request(s) are recorded using the same system; therefore the disclosure log may not run sequentially

FOI/1516/SG3476 05/01/2016 Chaplaincy Hours
FOI/1516/SG3485 11/01/2016 Agency Nursing
FOI/1516/SG3486 11/01/2016 Bona Vacantia, Public Funerals - Available on Request
FOI/1516/SG3495 12/01/2016 Homicides committed by patients
FOI/1516/SG3496 12/01/2016 Leicestershire Medicines Strategy Group
FOI/1516/SG3498 13/01/2016 Mobile applications for inputting patients data
FOI/1516/SG3502 13/01/2016 Changes in accordance with the Immigration Act
FOI/1516/SG3503 13/01/2016 Financing of Overseas Visitor Management Team
FOI/1516/SG3504 14/01/2016 Psychological Therapies
FOI/1516/SG3505 14/01/2016 Free Beds
FOI/1516/SG3507 15/01/2016 Mental Health Services
FOI/1516/SG3509 15/01/SG2016 Older patients out of area
FOI/1516/SG3510 15/01/2016 Out of area placements
FOI/1516/SG3519 18/01/2016 Unexpected deaths
FOI/1516/SG3530 21/01/2016 Under 18years old admitted to AMH wards
FOI/1516/SG3531 21/01/2016 Wound Care Service
FOI/1516/SG3533 21/01/2016 Mentalisation Based Therapy
FOI/1516/SG3536 21/01/2016  Genealogy firms
FOI/1516/SG3538 22/01/2016 Unexpected deaths and SI's
FOI/1516/SG3546 25/01/2016 Months patients committed homicides
FOI/1516/SG3549 25/01/2015 Suicide Prevention Services Waiting Times
FOI/1516/SG3556 26/01/2016 CAMHS Threshold
FOI/1516/SG3557 26/01/2016 CAMHS Waiting Times
FOI/1516/SG3565 27/01/2016 CAMHS Waiting Times
FOI/1516/SG3567 28/01/2016 MHSOP Management of Change
FOI/1516/SG3568 29/01/2016 FOI and Asset IT
FOI/1516/SG3575 01/02/2016 Tier 2 Nurses
FOI/1516/SG3595 28/01/2016 Immunisations containing Nagalase
FOI/1516/SG3597 03/02/2016 Responsibilities and structures
FOI/1516/SG3598 03/02/2016 Human Trafficking
FOI/1516/SG3599 04/02/2016 Agency Nursing
FOI/1516/SG3614 09/02/2016 Physical Restraint
FOI/1516/SG3615 10/02/2016 Vaccines - see SG3595
FOI/1516/SG3618 10/02/2016 AHP HSS Agency staff
FOI/1516/SG3623 12/02/2016 Information Request Administrator Pay Band and JD
FOI/1516/SG3630 16/02/2016 Social Workers
FOI/1516/SG3633 16/02/2016 IT Systems
FOI/1516/SG3638 17/02/2016 Newspaper Licensing Agency and Copyright Licensing Agency
FOI/1516/SG3640 17/02/2016 PTSD
FOI/1516/SG3642 17/02/2016 Interserve
FOI/1516/SG3645 19/02/2016 Unexpected Deaths - see also SG3519
FOI/1516/SG3651 22/02/2016 Kent Mental Health In-Patient Bed Placements
FOI/1516/SG3652 22/02/2016 Non-mandatory training for registered nurses to support patients with borderline personality disorder
FOI/1516/SG3656 22/02/2016 Transfer of Care Delay
FOI/1516/SG3657 22/02/2016 Legal Proceedings
FOI/1516/SG3670 16/02/2016 CAMHS Referrals from Rutland
FOI/1516/SG3678 25/02/2015 Mill Lodge Running Costs
FOI/1516/SG3687 29/02/2016 Cerebral Palsy Service
FOI/1516/SG3694 01/03/2016 ECT
FOI/1516/SG3700 01/03/SG3700 Number of staff and service users in CMHT's
FOI/1516/SG3703 01/03/2016 24 hours helpline
FOI/1516/SG3706 02/03/2016 Job Descriptions
FOI/1516/SG3708 03/03/2016 Agency AHP
FOI/1516/SG3712 03/03/2016 Exec Team Voting Rights
FOI/1516/SG3713 04/03/2016 Number of shifts with one registered nurse at Bradgate Unit
FOI/1516/SG3718 07/03/2016 SystmOne in Community Paediatrics
FOI/1516/SG3721 07/03/2016 Contract end dates for IT systems
FOI/1516/SG3723 08/03/2016 CAMHS Structure
FOI/1516/SG3725 08/03/2016 GP Surgeries
FOI/1516/SG3734 10/03/2016 Investigation of Serious Incidents
FOI/1516/SG3745 15/03/2016 Drug Use
FOI/1516/SG3748 24/02/2016 Early Discharge Protocol and Discharge from Section 2 MHA Policy
FOI/1516/SG3759 18/03/2016 Out of area placements
FOI/1516/SG3760 19/03/2016 Non Medical prescribers in LD
FOI/1516/SG3761 21/03/2016 CAMHS
FOI/1516/SG3762 21/03/2016 Junior Doctors Pay
FOI/1516/SG3770 23/03/2016 Physical Restraint
FOI/1516/SG3771 24/03/2016 Sleep Positioning Systems for Children
FOI/1516/SG3774 24/03/2016 No Smoking Policy in acute in-patient areas
FOI/1516/SG3778 24/03/2016 CAMHS Referrals
FOI/1516/SG3782 30/03/2016 The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 'Prevent Duty'
FOI/1516/SG3787 31/03/2016 Database for CCIOs and CIOs
FOI/1516/SG3789 31/03/2016 Junior Doctors Contracts
FOI/1516/SG3790 31/03/2016 CAMHS Referrals
FOI/1617/SG3791 01/04/2016 Gender considerations in the treatment of female mental health patients
FOI/1617/SG3793 01/04/2016 Emails re: Junior doctos contract
FOI/1617/SG3798 03/04/2016 Undergraduate Timetables
FOI/1617/SG3802 03/04/2016 Out of area locked rehabilitation units
FOI/1617/SG3808 04/04/2016 Borderline Personality Disorder
FOI/1617/SG3818 06/04/2016 Agency Staff
FOI/1617/SG3822 06/04/2016 Expiration date for Finance Oracle E-Business Suite
FOI/1617/SG3827 06/04/2016 EPR and Medical Records IT Systems
FOI/1617/SG3829 06/04/2016 Clinical Waste Bags
FOI/1617/SG3831 08/04/2016 IAPT and MHSOP Service
FOI/1617/SG3832 08/04/2016 EPR
FOI/1617/SG3833 08/04/2016 CBT Service
FOI/1617/SG3834 11/04/2016 IM&T EPR PAS and Data Cleaning
FOI/1617/SG3839 11/04/2016 Number of occupational therapists
FOI/1617/SG3841 12/04/2016 Clinical Coders
FOI/1617/SG3843 12/04/2016 Eating Disorder Service
FOI/1516/SG3846 13/04/2016 Contracts for medical equipment
FOI/1617/SG3850 14/04/2016 Suicides
FOI/1617/SG3851 14/04/2016 People with autism on Mental Health wards
FOI/1617/SG3852 15/04/2016 Available beds
FOI/1617/SG3854 17/04/2016 Capsticks LLP
FOI/1617/SG3867 19/04/2016 PREVENT
FOI/1617/SG3869 20/04/2016 Personal Service Companies
FOI/1617/SG3870 21/04/2016 Junior Doctros Contract correspondence
FOI/1617/SG3873 21/04/2016 Consultants Admin Support
FOI/1617/SG3874 25/04/2016 Diana Service - short breaks spend
FOI/1617/SG3875 25/04/2016 Communications Department
FOI/1617/SG3880 26/04/2016 Personality Disorder Services
FOI/1617/SG3888 28/04/2016 Pressure Care Mattresses
FOI/1617/SG3894 29/04/2016 Early Intervention in Psychosis
FOI/1617/SG3895 29/04/2016 Patient Observation Software
FOI/1617/SG3902 03/05/2016 Community Paediatrics placement timetables
FOI/1617/SG3906 03/05/2016 Financial Accounts
FOI/1617/SG3911 04/05/2016 Incidents and Bed Pressures
FOI/1617/SG3912 04/05/2016 Bullying and Harassment
FOI/1617/SG3927 06/05/2016 CAMHS Recruitment
FOI/1617/SG3928 08/05/2016 Medical Staffing Contact Details
FOI/1617/SG3929 09/05/2016 Endomyocardial (EMB) Biopsy procedures
FOI/1617/SG3930 11/05/2016 Self-Harm Referrals
FOI/1617/SG3933 11/05/2016 Social Workers employed by LPT
FOI/1617/SG3934 11/05/2016 Junior Doctors Contract
FOI/1617/SG3946 12/05/2016 LeasePlan Spend
FOI/1617/SG3949 15/05/2016 Information Security Incidents
FOI/1617/SG3953 16/05/2016 IT
FOI/1617/SG3954 16/05/2016 Shifts outside Monior Guidelines April 2016
FOI/1617/SG3959 17/05/2016 Mental Health Beds
FOI/1617/SG3974 18/05/2016 Reports into Homicides committed by patients
FOI/1617/SG3983 24/05/2016 Business Plan and Annual Report
FOI/1617/SG3988 23/05/2016 CAMHS Referrals
FOI/1617/SG3989 24/05/2016 Financial Services
FOI/1617/SG3993 24/05/2016 IM&T Budget
FOI/1617/SG3994 24/05/2016 IAPT & CBT Referrals
FOI/1617/SG3996 24/05/2016 Miscellaneous
FOI/1617/SG3998 25/05/2016 GP Services Contract+
FOI/1617/SG3999 24/05/2016 IT Budget
FOI/1617/SG4002 26/05/2016 Talking Therapies Waiting Times
FOI/1617/SG4003 26/05/2016 CAMHS Referrals
FOI/1617/SG4005 26/05/2016 Self-Harm and Suicide Policy
FOI/1617/SG4006 26/05/2016 Contact Details
FOI/1617/SG4013 27/05/2016 Gifts and Hospitality Register
FOI/1617/SG4025 01/06/2016 CAMHS Budget
FOI/1617/SG4037 06/06/2016 CAMHS Referrals
FOI/1617/SG4039 06/06/2016 Maternity Services
FOI/1617/SG4040 06/06/2016 EPR
FOI/1617/SG4046 07/06/2016 Lease Cars
FOI/1617/SG4052 07/06/2016 Patients Diatgnosed with Post Natal Depression
FOI/1617/SG4058 07/06/2016 Staff Levels
FOI/1617/SG4062 08/06/2016 Agency Staff
FOI/1617/SG4068 09/06/2016 Adult Mental Helalth Counselling Wait Times
FOI/1617/SG4069 09/06/2016 MRI
FOI/1617/SG4070 10/06/2016 Homeless Service
FOI/1617/SG4075 11/06/2015 Compromise Agreements
FOI/1617/SG4077 13/06/2016 Financial Services
FOI/1617/SG4082 14/06/2016 Complaints about noise
FOI/1617/SG4084 14/06/2016 Sudden and Unexpected deaths
FOI/1617/SG4087 14/06/2016 Eating Disorders for Children
FOI/1617/SG4101 17/06/2016 IT
FOI/1617/SG4112 23/06/2016 Telephone Systems
FOI/1617/SG4113 23/06/2016 Photocopiers, multi-function devices and printer contracts
FOI/1617/SG4114 24/06/2016 Payroll processing and recruitment functions
FOI/1617/SG4115 23/06/2016 Electronic Fax Management Systems
FOI/1617/SG4134 21/06/2016 Contact Details for Subject Access Requests
FOI/1617/SG4153 27/06/2016 Agencies who have failed audits
FOI/1617/SG4154 27/06/2016 Clinical reports and audits
FOI/1617/SG4155 28/06/2016 Trust budget and estate spend
FOI/1617/SG4156 29/06/2016 Contact Details
FOI/1617/SG4157 29/06/2016 Bank of Scotland contract
FOI/1617/SG4158 30/06/2016 Recruitment to Medical Posts
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