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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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Please note that all requests for information (Freedom of Information and Subject Access Request(s) are recorded using the same system; therefore the disclosure log may not run sequentially

FOI/1516/SG2831 03/07/2015 Agency Spend
FOI/1516/SG2832 06/07/2015 Overall Trust spend and Trust spend on IM&T
FOI/1516/SG2833 07/07/2015 Practitioner Psychologist Workforce
FOI/1516/SG2834 07/07/2015 Staff numbers including agency
FOI/1516/SG2839 07/07/2015 Deaths and SI's in Learning Disabilities
FOI/1516/SG2840 07/07/2015 Names of Recruitment Agencies
FOI/1516/SG2843 08/07/2015 Specialist Pain Services
FOI/1516/SG2845 08/07/2015 Expenditure on Agency/Locum medics in Mental Health
FOI/1516/SG2850 10/07/2015 Agency spend and agencies
FOI/1516/SG2870 16/07/2015 Lead/champion for Armed Forces contact details
FOI/1516/SG2872 17/07/2015 Timely payment of suppliers invoices
FOI/1516/SG2876 20/07/2015 Facilities Management Contracts
FOI/1516/SG2878 21/07/2015 Virtual Beds
FOI/1516/SG2885 22/07/2015 Forensic Service Provision
FOI/1516/SG2895 22/07/2015 Organisation structure for adult and child mental health teams
FOI/1516/SG2899 23/07/2015 Cost of agency staff
FOI/1516/SG2904 23/07/2015 Number of consultants working during a specified period
FOI/1516/SG2909 27/07/2015 Referrals
FOI/1516/SG2919 27/07/2015 Better Care Together
FOI/1516/SG2920 28/07/2015 Organisational structures and contacts
FOI/1516/SG2921 28/07/2015 Miscellaneous Statistics
FOI/1516/SG2928 27/07/2015 Patient's right to see male psychologist
FOI/1516/SG2930 29/07/2015 Software Contracts
FOI/1516/SG2936 28/07/2015 Bed Closures
FOI/1516/SG2937 28/07/2015 Better Care Together
FOI/1516/SG2938 28/07/2015 Better Care Together
FOI/1516/SG2940 01/08/2015 Services operated by private companies
FOI/1516/SG2942 01/08/2015 Consultants opted out of weekend working
FOI/1516/SG2943 02/08/2015 Consultants opted out of weekend working
FOI/1516/SG2945 04/08/2015 ICT assets base
FOI/1516/SG2946 04/08/2015 Continence
FOI/1516/SG2948 04/08/2015 Employee numbers in wards/departments
FOI/1516/SG2951 05/08/2015 Investigation
FOI/1516/SG2952 06/08/2015 EPR System
FOI/1516/SG2953 06/08/2015 Tender for Ink Cartridges
FOI/1516/SG2968 07/08/2015 CBI Contributions
FOI/1516/SG2972 07/08/2015 Structures
FOI/1516/SG2973 08/08/2015 Inpatient & Day Case Bed Numbers
FOI/1516/SG2976 10/08/2015 Mental Health Act - Discharges
FOI/1516/SG2978 10/08/2015 Text Message Reminders
FOI/1516/SG29781 12/08/2015 Agency
FOI/1516/SG2986 12/08/2015 Tenders
FOI/1516/SG2991 14/08/2015 Pharmacy Staffing
FOI/1516/SG3001 17/08/2015 IT Security
FOI/1516/SG3004 18/08/2015 CAMHS
FOI/1516/SG3012 19/08/2015 Agency Doctors
FOI/1516/SG3013 20/08/2015 Patient Statistics
FOI/1516//SG3015 21/08/2015 Public Health Funerals
FO/1516/SG3025 25/08/2015 Catering, cleaning and estate data
FOI/1516/SG3037 26/08/2015 National Agreement
FOI/1516/SG3044 28/08/2015 Software Expiry Dates
FOI/1516/SG3045 29/08/2015 Health Visiting
FOI/1516/SG3046A 31/08/2015 Patient Statistics
FOI/1516/SG3047 01/09/2015 Agency Staff
FOI/1516/SG3063 04/09/2015 Catering Contracts
FOI/1516/SG3065 04/09/2015 Suicides at Mental Health Hospitals
FOI/1516/SG3067 07/09/2015
Service Contracts at Loughborough Hospital
FOI/1516/SG3068 07/09/2015
Mobile phone contracts
FOI/1516/SG3081 14/09/2015
Agency physiotherapists
FOI/1516/SG3098 17/09/2015
Patients with Parkinson's disease
FOI/1516/SG3099 17/09/2015
Staff Training
FOI/1516/SG3112 18/09/2015
MH Management Structure
FOI/1516/SG3115 18/09/2015
Inpatient Beds
FOI/1516/SG3118 21/09/2015
Waiting times for Psychological Therapies
FOI/1516/SG3121 22/09/2015
Spend on Nursing
FOI/1516/SG3131 21/09/2015
Data Protection Services
FOI/1516/SG3141 22/09/2015
Prompt Payment Figures
FOI/1516/SG3145 22/09/2015
Agency Costs
FOI/1516/SG3147 24/09/2015
Software Contract
FOI/1516/SG3148 25/09/2015
AMH Inpatient Beds
FOI/1516/SG3149 25/09/2015
Telephone system upgrade
FOI/1516/SG3150 29/09/2015
CRISIS Team Statistics
FOI/1516/SG3151 29/09/2015
Banking, Audit and Card Processing Services
FOI/1516/SG3153 29/09/2015
MDT and Referral Pathways
FOI/1516/SG3165 02/10/2015
Services commissioned with the City
FOI/1516/SG3167 05/10/2015
Public Funerals
FOI/1516/SG3173 06/10/2015 EPR
FOI/1516/SG3182 07/10/2015 Eating Disorder Waiting Times
FOI/1516/SG3186 10/10/2015 Paid Invoices
FOI/1516/SG3189 12/10/2015 Eating Disorders
FOI/1516/SG3191 12/10/2015 AMH Inpatient Referrals
FOI/1516/SG3197 08/10/2015 Continence Service
FOI/1516/SG3198 13/10/2015 Trust Budget
FOI/1516/SG3202 14/10/2015 Nursing Staff Uniforms
FOI/1516/SG3208 19/10/2015 Spend on locum doctors
FOI/1516/SG3214 20/10/2015 Pathology Services
FOI/1516/SG3216 21/10/2015 Contract Contacts
FOI/1516/SG3221 22/10/2015 IM&T
FOI/1516/SG3222 22/10/2015 Missed Waiting Times
FOI/1516/SG3225 23/10/2015 Number of Agency staff and spend
FOI/1516/SG3227 23/10/2015 Spend on staff
FOI/1516/SG3229 26/10/2015 Agency Occupational Therapists
FOI/1516/SG3246 29/10/2015 Agency Spend
FOI/1516/SG3248 30/10/2015 Paediatric MH Inpatient Deaths
FOI/1516/SG3249 30/10/2015 Agency Nursing Staff
FOI/1516/SG3258 03/11/2015 Trust Budget and IM&T Spend
FOI/1516/SG3259 30/10/2015 Dementia Tests
FOI/1516/SG3261 04/11/2015 Referrals
FOI/1516/SG3266 06/11/2015 Immunotherapy products
FOI/1516/SG3288 11/11/2015 IT/Telecommunications Voice and Data Services
FOI/1516/SG3289 11/11/2015 Expenditure on mental health services
FOI/1516/SG3290 11/11/2015 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
FOI/1516/SG3291 12/11/2015 Inpatient and Day Case Bed Numbers
FOI/1516/SG3297 16/11/2015 Software and Development Framework
FOI/1516/SG3298 16/11/2015 Locked wards and physical restraint
FOI/1516/SG3299 16/11/2015 Closures/restructures of Community Mental Health Services for Older People
FOI/1516/SG3307 17/11/2015 Agency Spend
FOI/1516/SG3308 17/11/2015 Apprentices
FOI/1516/SG3309 18/11/2015 Missed out patient appointments at community hospitals
FOI/1516/SG3313 19/11/2015 Overpayments to staff
FOI/1516/SG3319 20/11/2015 IM&T Data
FOI/1516/SG3321 23/11/2015 Annual Financial Accounts
FOI/1516/SG3322 23/11/2015 Divisional Structures
FOI/1516/SG3334 24/11/2015 Trust compliments
FOI/1516/SG3336 26/11/2015 Better Care Together structure query
FOI/1516/SG3338 26/11/2015 IAPT workforce query
FOI/1516/SG3339 26/11/2015 Rio Implementation
FOI/1516/SG3351 02/11/2015 Trust contract with LMG
FOI/1516/SG3352 30/11/2015 Number of staff working on wards at Bradgate
FOI/1516/SG3354 01/12/2015 Text Message Reminder Service
FOI/1516/SG3355 01/12/2015 EPR
01/12/2015 Wound Care Services
FOI/1516/SG3363 03/12/2015 Digitalisation
FOI/1516/SG3364 04/12/2015 Agency Staff
FOI/1516/SG3367 06/12/2015 Locked rehabilitation units
FOI/1516/SG3371 07/12/2015 Policies and procedures regarding adult discharge
FOI/1516/SG3375 07/12/2015 Cleaning Contract
FOI/1515/SG3376 08/12/2015 Apprentices
FOI/1516/SG3377 09/12/2015 Mental Health referrals and treatment
FOI/1516/SG3387 10/12/2015 Budget for Mental Health Services in 2014/15
FOI/1516/SG3395 11/12/2015 Restraint used in CAMHS inpatients
FOI/1516/SG3397 14/12/2015 Inpatient deaths
FOI/1516/SG3403 11/12/2015 Fulhurst Community College Student 
FOI/1516/SG3411 18/12/2015 LAN Maintenance and service
FOI/1516/SG3472 31/12/2015 Staff at the Bradgate Unit by ethnicity, plus suicides at LPT
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