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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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NHS Staff survey results 2018


In November, 2600 staff (51%), took the time to complete the 2018 NHS Staff Survey. This is around 7% more than last year and 6% above the average for the 31 Trusts that are similar to our Trust and who we are benchmarked against (which is 62,011 responses in total). Thank you for telling us how you feel about working for LPT, where we are doing well and where we still need to make improvements.

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We are really encouraged by the results of the 2018 survey. They show that we are beginning to make some real progress with improving your experience of working at LPT and that we have improved on how we compare with other similar Trusts too.

Responses show that we have made a significant improvement from last year in relation to some of the key themes:

  • supporting health and wellbeing
  • support from immediate managers
  • the quality of appraisals
  • the quality of care staff feel able to deliver
  • a safe environment to deal with violence and an improved safety culture
  • staff engagement.

Our position hasn’t changed from last year in relation to the following two key themes:

  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • safe environment around bullying and harassment.

Our overall staff engagement has improved – bringing it up to the average for similar Trusts. Engagement is measured through a number of questions which look at motivation (how much you look forward to going to work), ability to contribute to improvements and whether you would recommend the Trust as a place to work or receive treatment. 5.1% more of you said this year that you would recommend the Trust as a place to work.

This indicates that our ongoing work around leadership and management development, health and well-being, staff engagement, encouraging change, innovation and quality improvement is having a positive impact on how staff feel about working for the Trust. We need to continue to build on these.

We also need to do better where staff experience hasn’t significantly improved. We remain concerned that over 14% of staff say that they have been bullied, harassed or abused by colleagues. Although the percentage hasn’t increased from last year, it is still not acceptable and we need to do more to address this. The inclusion agenda is also very important to us. We are ‘average’ in terms of the equality, diversity and inclusion theme but should be much better than this. We hope that the work we have started with the national WRES team to engage our black and minority ethnic staff in improvements will help to address this. We will also need to work with staff in addressing why some are not satisfied with the care they give to patients and feel unable to deliver the care they aspire to.

Thank you to all our staff for their feedback. It has given us a much better idea of where our focus has improved your experience and where we need to do more. I am pleased that overall, those who responded felt that their experience of working for LPT has improved and is getting better. It is a positive step in the right direction and one we must continue to build on together. I hope all of our staff will engage in the forthcoming culture, leadership and inclusion programme so that we can continue to shape a culture that we are all proud to work in.

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