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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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All-Age Transformation FAQs

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below or download PDF versions:

Generic FAQs on the All Age Transformation Programme:

What is the All-Age Transformation programme?

This is a five-year transformation programme providing an opportunity to redesign all the mental health and learning disability services delivered by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

Is this programme looking to implement an existing design?

No. This programme is focused on co-design, there is no existing blueprint for the new services. Each of the stages of the programme is designed to build the design, test it and then deliver it by working with staff, service users, carers and other stakeholders.

Which services are involved in it?

All mental health and learning disabilities services  including CAMHS, adult mental health inpatient and community services, learning disabilities and mental health services for older people

Is the programme using a specific approach?

Yes. The programme is adopting the approach used by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust in the improvements they have undertaken in the North of England and with several other NHS Trusts across England. It is focused on adding value to patients, releasing time of frontline staff to add value and creating a seamless flow of patient care across their recovery journey.

This method is rooted in co-design which means designing with service users, carers, staff and other stakeholders to understand and design services that work well with patients and their carers. 

What are the stages to the Transformation Programme?

There are five key stages to the Transformation programme.  We are currently in Stage Three.

The different stages are described on the transformation programme's homepage.

Roles and skills specific FAQs:

What will happen to my job?

Roles may change but we don't expect to lose any jobs during this transition.

Will my team exist after the transformation?

We don't know what the final structure will be yet but we do expect some changes.

Will I be expected to work with all ages?

We don’t know for certain as we don’t know the team structures yet. However, we acknowledge that there are specialist skills that are crucial in carrying out assessment, treatment and interventions for certain age groups. We do not want to lose these specialist knowledge or reduce the quality of service for our patients.

Will I be expected to work with all conditions? (For example working with people with psychosis, depression and personality disorder)

We don’t know for certain what the team structures will be yet. However, we believe all patients should have access to the best care available. This means ensuring that specialist knowledge required for treating different conditions is maintained.

Will I be supported in maintaining my specialist skills?

We will ensure that required specialist skills are maintained and used. Where new skills are required learning and development opportunities will be in place to support this.

Is this transformation different to any of the past change programmes?

Yes. The All Age Transformation Programme is much wider ranging taking in all ages and learning disabilities. No mental health service or age group is being excluded from this. It is breaking down the silos between services. This is a trust-wide activity that is being engaged with at all levels of LPT as well as receiving input from groups outside the trust.

What is the relation with SystmOne?

We are working closely with the team implementing SystmOne. The new electronic patient record will form an important part of enabling easier communication of information between teams which is one of our key objectives.

Will I be expected to work unsociable hours?

This will again depend on the design of the service. The Acute and emergency services will be operating 24 / 7 in line with NHS England guidance.

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