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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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A call for collaborators: LPT 2020 – our digital future

Today’s smartphone society shops online, banks online, communicates with family and friends online and more. But when it comes to connecting with healthcare, access platforms are lagging behind. We are committed to delivering a joined-up digital offer for our Trust, radically improving the experience of our service users. This will connect digital products and services within the Trust and across the other health and social organisations in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Read the proposed vision for our digital future LPT2020 Our digital offer.

Do you want to help bring this vision to life?

We are looking for people who are passionate about improving the delivery of our services through digital technology, or who have a keen interest in apps, mobile technology and social media.

If you feel inspired to contribute to this work please:

• Tweet @digital_labLLR using the hashtag #LPT2020.

• Join our online forum below.

Please feel free to start putting your ideas straight onto the Twitter feed or online forum and let the collaboration begin!

Our Digital Offer: join the conversation

Thanks for all comments so far. Keep them coming!

We held a live web chat here on Friday 15 April 1 - 2pm. Please see the comments below.


    15 April 2016 14:07

    So we've had some fab comments. It seems we need to take the following next steps:

    1. Pull together a list of everyone who has contributed ideas and offered to engage with this design process.

    2. Map out the ideas that have already been contributed. Thanks to all of you who gave ideas.

    3. Hold a face to face event where people can get into deeper conversations about their ideas. Look out for more details about this. In the meantime ideas can still be put forward on Twitter at #LPT2020.

    4. Begin developing our methodology for quickly turning ideas into reality - begin explaining to colleagues how they can engage with this process and turn their own ideas into reality. It's also really important service users are involved in this co-design process. This is all going to take place in our Digital Lab which will be created as part of this programme.

    5. Communicate any developments in the meantime through the usual channels.

    Signing off for today - the Digital Offer Team.


    15 April 2016 13:54

    There are difficulties with this webchat function. If you clear your cookies (by clearing your history) and refresh the page then you will be able to comment again!

    Sorry the internet chat function is not working well.


    15 April 2016 13:51

    How would you like to be kept up to date on the developments around our progress towards the vision of the LPT digital offer?

    Jimmy Endicott

    15 April 2016 13:51

    Lots of people have contributed very specific ideas for how we can make positive changes. It would be good to start mapping out all of those ideas in one place. #LPT2020 is one place where people can keep contributing those ideas - a face to face event would be a good place to have a detailed conversation.


    15 April 2016 13:44

    We agree that digital products have to be built to be a great experience, useful and meaningful for the individuals using them. Therefore it is essential that the service users shape products, come up with the ideas for applications and are co-design it with us. Once the digital ecosystem (the wellbeing account) structure has matured a little bit we should be able to allow third party development of applications as well (as long as we are clear on how to make sure it is safe, secure and works in the interests of service users).

    We will look to build these fundamental principles into the development methodology of digital products going forward.

    Jimmy Endicott

    15 April 2016 13:44

    I like Dawn's ideas below (although I'd need to learn a bit more about some of the stuff you're referring to Dawn!) Hopefully you'd be interested in getting involved in a conversation where you can tell us some more - and we can connect you with the people that could help you influence change if you want to.

    Totally agree with the video conferencing point and that is referred to in the digital offer. beleive the Trust would support you in using Skype for professional to professional conversations - and that's the kind of thing you can get moving immediately, there's some simple guidance on it.


    15 April 2016 13:38

    Carolyn raises a good point. Yes it's really important that we have plans in place for if everything falls over. It would usually be normal to have a disaster recovery process in place and emergency operating procedures before a new service launches. We have some good examples of this with some of our other digital services.

    Jimmy Endicott

    15 April 2016 13:33

    I like Tim's point. I agree that everything we do generally should be multi-platform and responsive to different screen sizes. It can be a bit cost prohibitive and sometimes you have to choose to focus on particular audiences first and work to the devices that best suit them. There are cost-saving workarounds like the ones you mention Tim - they sometimes come with a bit of a trade-off too though. Hope you're going to get involved Tim?


    15 April 2016 13:27

    A couple of people have asked about individuals being able to access their own records through the digital offer. This is absolutely part of the vision for the wellbeing account. By creating a secure identity management system, individuals living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland will be able to log-in to an account that gives them access to their own data securely. This will allow both information to be seen (like an individual's own records) and to securely share information about themselves if they wanted.

    This work is supported by Better Care Together and we expecting it to be a log-in for information from multiple providers of health and social care (not just Leicestershire Partnership Trust).

    Sam Kirkland

    15 April 2016 13:25

    The key to turning things around quickly are ensuring that you have the right people involved early enough, that the resources are available to ensure not to raise expectation and to have robust service user involement


    15 April 2016 13:24

    That's a great question Jacquie. Would you like to start speaking with techy people at a virtual event or a real life workshop? Lots of people like you are connecting with us on Twitter and through web chats like this. You can stay connected to the conversation through #LPT2020 on Twitter - but the Q is - how else do we continue the conversation?

    Sam kirkland

    15 April 2016 13:21

    I think an event would be great and then look at establishing a few virtual groups to look at specifics. I think it's important that no ones views are ignored

    Carolyn O'Connor

    15 April 2016 13:17

    Hello, Sorry Toughbook crashed at the wrong moment, so had to reboot.

    this is one point I wanted to bring. Technology is excellent when it works, SystmOne had a major failure this morning and no Community Nurses could access their work or tasks etc for 3 hours. Therefore I feel there needs to be systems in place if this happens

    Jimmy Endicott

    15 April 2016 13:17

    Someone asked me how long it will take to deliver the digital offer. It's all well and good having lots of ideas for lots of fancy apps and digital platforms - but how soon will they come to life? An important part of the digital offer will be creating a methodology for quickly turning around new developments. We have lots of experience in LPT now to inform this. if we get it right we will be able to turn around lots of new ideas very quickly. Part of the success of the digital offer will be how good we get at developing new products quickly. LPT is already good at this - we are open minded and know how to manage risks sensibly.

    Tim Amor

    15 April 2016 13:16

    Will the applications made be available cross-platform? That is to say not only on Android and iOS, but also on Windows Phone (soon Windows 10 Mobile) and Blackberry? In particular with Windows 10, you can write one piece of code and it will work as a 'Universal App' This means the application will work on PC, Tablet, and Phones running Windows 10. It would be a shame to see any digital offer restricted to just Android or iOS. To reach as many people as possible you need to get applications on multiple platforms.

    Jimmy Endicott

    15 April 2016 13:16

    Someone asked me how long it will take to deliver the digital offer. It's all well and good having lots of ideas for lots of fancy apps and digital platforms - but how soon will they come to life? An important part of the digital offer will be creating a methodology for quickly turning around new developments. We have lots of experience in LPT now to inform this. if we get it right we will be able to turn around lots of new ideas very quickly. Part of the success of the digital offer will be how good we get at developing new products quickly. LPT is already good at this - we are open minded and know how to manage risks sensibly.


    15 April 2016 13:15

    Hello all, I'm interested in how we can access the folks with the technical ability to put ideas into action?


    15 April 2016 13:14

    How do you want to be involved? Should we set up a virtual group or an event for example?

    Kamy Basra

    15 April 2016 13:12

    Very excited to be joining today's digital offer chat with Jimmy and John. It is so important that we ensure that we engage with service users the way they want to be engaged with. After all, isn't everything digital these days?

    Sam Kirkland

    15 April 2016 13:11

    I think that the ideas are great. I would like to see how our service users can be included in co-designing so that the information exchange and provision is accessible to all and we address any privacy issues associated with our technological solutions at the outset and that way, overcome

    Jimmy Endicott

    15 April 2016 13:09

    Hello #LPT2020! Just checking in for the webchat. This is exciting. Just reading through the comments below, I'd like to respond to Andi Gardiner's point below - which is really valid. i've been involved in some other digital development projects in LPT and the approach to safeguarding data and technical security was very very robust. In fact LPT earned itself a bit of a reputation nationally for having a sensible approach to that side of things. Hope that reassured you Andy?


    15 April 2016 13:04

    Hello all, we are live! What's your thoughts on the Digital Offer?

    Deb Blease, an OT in CAMHS

    07 April 2016 10:26

    In order to communicate with the young people we work with , how can we NOT talk their talk ?
    we need to continue to develop ways to support , educate and to get their feedback and young peoples input and by being better equipped to do it in ways that suit them ...Using the digital world
    I'm just your average digital user but would be happy to join in the thinking about how we can keep moving forward.

    Dawn Kimberley

    03 April 2016 21:46

    I would like to explore methods to help service users to navigate our services and identify the connexions we share outside of health (improvements in our Local Offer).

    A digital EHCP or support plans fully accessible by Parents, schools, nurseries, social care once access rights have been granted. It must be possible to password protect this in the same way personal information is securely held by other commissioned service such as NRS. These systems are available by require joint scoping with Education and social Care. (city LA are investigating the Patient Knows Best package)

    Could we explore the possibility of video conferencing for key staff at annual reviews or joint planning meetings. This would cut down on travel cost, accommodation but would demonstrate commitment to the co-production of EHCP and SEN Support. Active participation in these meetings would ensure that health goals that reflect individual desires and aspirations of the young person and these can only be realised once the child or young personal voice has been heard..

    P.S I don't have a twitter account, social media works for some but not everyone.

    Mike Sweeney (Dietitian)

    23 March 2016 10:43

    There are so many ways we can improve patient care and even our work life in the NHS by making use of digital platforms its bonkers. It can also save a ton of money too. Super glad the NHS are finally looking at this. I've been pushing in my dept. for digital letters and various other things but seem to be meeting some resistance. Hopefully a LPT wide push will help move things along in the right direction a bit quicker.


    22 March 2016 13:12

    I'm involved in Student Health so i need to know what new services are available

    Sarah Simmonds

    21 March 2016 13:10

    I wonder if we could create something whereby clients can log into a booking screen and book their appointments online as many GP surgeries have at present.

    Also as a clinical psychologist it would be helpful if I could send out initial assessment screening measures to clients to complete. A basic version may include the questionnaire returned electronically for me to score and store.

    A more advanced version may include a web based link so that the scoring is done online automatically and the information could be collated and entered onto RiO. Ideally it would be great if it was possible to then export this data into a database for analysis of trends per clinician or per problem area etc

    Carolyn O'Connor

    12 March 2016 08:50

    As someone is fairly tech savvy and a keen user of digital media, I'm very keen to be involved in the progression and use of these formats.


    08 March 2016 12:05

    Glad LPT wants to make more use of the digital communication modes available.
    I'd like to be part of this and help develop.
    I've already tweeted!

    Andy Gardiner

    08 March 2016 10:33

    I suppose it's the obvious one really.
    What measures are being proposed to prevent cyber theft? Loss of confidential personal details is becoming an increasing concern for all major organisations.
    Many thanks.

    Manjunath Minajagi

    08 March 2016 10:20

    I am a consultant psychiatrist. I would like to join the team to look at ways to contribute through digital technology.

    Sam Kirkland

    08 March 2016 07:46

    The interaction of the Patient portal sounds great and will empower our service users and staff but can be take it a step further to provide access to health records?
    This will meet one of the obligations under the Five Year Forward View but also ensure that the portal is a truly 'One Stop Shop'

    Digital Offer Team

    03 March 2016 21:45

    Hi Don, thanks for your comment. It is really important that our future technology is accessible to all needs. We would love to have your views. Fancy being involved in exploring ideas?

    Don Edwards

    19 February 2016 16:45

    Having several health needs myself-I would love to see what we can do to support people by using info tech.

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