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Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

Returning to work does not mean that breastfeeding has to stop. Continuing to breastfeed will still boost your baby’s immunity at a time when their contact with other babies may be increasing (nursery or child-minder).

The health benefits for both mother and baby continue, and a breastfeed is a lovely way to reconnect with baby on your return home after a busy day. And a good excuse to have a nice long sit-down.

There are many options for continuing breastfeeding. You may wish to discuss this with a member of your health visiting or Surestart team. Or with a Peer supporter, one-to-one, or within a group.

Use your NHS “Mothers and Others Guide to Breastfeeding” to plan your return, and don’t forget to speak to your employer.

A mothers and others guide

Further sources of information are available using the following links –

This booklet can be downloaded from the start4life website;

Breastfeeding leaflet

Maternity Action and ACAS provide more information about your legal rights, and health and safety.

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