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Expressing breast milk - practical information


  • To give breastmilk to your baby if they can’t feed from you
  • To manage and overcome a breastfeeding difficulty e.g. relieving breast fullness
  • To leave something for your baby to drink while someone else cares for them


You can express milk by:

Step by Step Guide

First of all it is important to wash your hands and sterilise any containers or pump parts – especially if the baby is under six months of age

Whatever method is used it is important to encourage your milk to flow by:

  • Gently supporting and massaging your breasts
  • Applying warmth to your breasts – a warm bath or shower can help or applying warm flannels to your breasts
  • Having your baby near or having something to remind you of the baby e.g an item of clothing or a photograph 
  • Being as relaxed as possible and having somewhere quiet private and warm

 Frequently Asked Questions about Expressing

You may also find this leaflet by Breastfeeding Feeding Network useful - Leaflet on Expressing and Storing
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