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Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.
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The e – learning modules are being set up to mirror the information given out in our classroom theory sessions. The e – learning is intended for use by health and non – health care staff including health, education and social care. The modules can be used for staff for awareness about a subject or to be signed off as competent after a practical assessment has also taken place. Staff who may have attended the classroom session and need to update after a year can do so via the e – learning route. Other uses are for staff when they have returned to work after a period of sickness or maternity leave and need to update their skills. For members of staff across organisations who have difficulty attending the daytime classroom sessions, they can do the e- learning module at a time convenient to them.

The e – learning is also accessible to parents to update their knowledge and have an understanding about what is expected of their carer’s. The family of a child who has recently had a procedure or a new piece of equipment may also find the e – learning useful to refer to. This may help family members, nurseries or schools to be willing to look after the young person and complete practical assessments.

The candidate will enter the e – learning through a username and log in, ensuring they are allowed to use the course by an administrator. They will then have to complete three mandatory units before proceeding to the next five optional units. A candidate may wish to complete all five optional units or one may be sufficient for the care they provide.

Optional courses include Epilepsy, enteral feeding, respiratory care , tracheostomy care and mechanical ventilation.

The e – learning will take the candidate through the basics of what the equipment or the procedures are and teach them how to care for the child safely, effectively and competently. Text, images and video are used to demonstrate different aspects of the subject. A multi – choice assessment at the end of each unit will be used to gauge what areas the candidate may need to work on during their practical assessments. Once the e – learning course is complete the candidate can contact the Diana service to book practical assessments to gain competency of the skill.

For more details contact Diana Training Team on 0116 2955413.

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